How to make matchbook notebooks

How to Make DIY notebooks: Matchbook Notebooks are adorable and easy to make with this trick from #tutorial #craft #matchboxnotebooks #gift
We've noticed these adorable little notebooks at some of our favorite little gift shops and stationary stores. The matchbook notebook. Unfortunately for us, they are usually quite expensive. Especially when you consider how tiny they are.  So much so that we decided to just make them. That is generally our go-to plan for things we want and can't afford.  DIY.

So we figured out how to make diy notebooks, matchbook ones.

So glad we did! These are far faster than we anticipated. And easier. Our post-its. Those little guys make these faster than fast. Truly!


  • paper for "matchbook"
  • mini post-it pad (they are a bit under 2 inches square)
  • glue
  • scissors


To Do:

1. Create your "matchbook".  Cut your paper 2 inches wide and about 4.5 inches long. Then fold it along where you see our folding is. You are creating a flap, and a place for the top of your "notebook" to sit within your "matchbook". If you like, use your scissors to create a little flap to tuck your flap into (see top photo).

We hope that bit isn't confusing.  It might be.  We're thinking of making a video to show you how ridiculously simple it really is...but we haven't gotten that far.  Stay tuned to see if we actually follow up.  We might just drink coffee instead.

And when we say might, we mean that's probably what will happen.

matchbook-notebooks-2 matchbook-notebooks3 matchbook-notebooks4
2. Glue the very top of your mini-post it pad, as well as the back. Tuck it into your "matchbook" and press hard until it dries.

YOU ARE DONE!  You now have a mini, darling, matchbook notebook! Now that you know how to make diy notebooks you'll be making them all the time.

We've made several of these to take notes on the go. They take up such little space in our purses!

How to Make DIY notebooks: Matchbook Notebooks are adorable and easy to make with this trick from #tutorial #craft #matchboxnotebooks #gift

If you like this tutorial for a matchbook notebook, you will probably also like our tips on creating a stationary set, or how to fold an envelope.  They're both winners.

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  1. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Those are adorable!! Very clever of you to come up with such a great idea. Those would be great to include in a gift pack -- for a teacher perhaps? Great idea!!

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