Media kit training

Simply give this course to your VA and in 1 hour you will have a Media Kit  WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION + not just a pretty graphic.

You have a Media Kit but…it’s a template you bought + filled in.

You hired someone to create a Media Kit…and trusted they knew what what to include.

It’s been a solid year since you’ve done anything with your Media Kit.

You want to pass Media Kit creation off to your VA.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Stop buying generic media kits...your team should be creating them

Simply give this course to your VA and in 1 hour
you will have a Media Kit that best shows off the value of your successful blog
WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION + not just a pretty paper.

What if you could...

Simply hand over this quick course to your VA and know that they would be able to create a Media Kit that has all the right info, your branding, and is EXACTLY what you need to improve the brand opportunities you get and not just a pretty graphic.

Here's what you'll get

Quick videos explaining WHY + WHAT is needed, where to find it, templates + checklists, AND demo videos for Canva or PicMonkey.

Hi! I'm Janel

When I was just getting started with blogging, it felt like I was constantly updating or buying new media kits as my numbers grew. I had better things to do!

Today, I’ve created a quick system to create/update my media kits that I simply pass off to a team member — and know it’ll be how I want it!

The reality is…you need to give brands a Media Kit that is well branded + updated. You already know that, though.

I’ve given you access to the same teaching tool I use for my team so you, too, can automate the necessary media updating and creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my team member needs more help?

I doubt they will because the training is simple and detailed. BUT…they can email us and we will get them unstuck without you having to get involved.

How long do I have access?

The training is yours…download the whole thing and use it for onboarding your sponsored content manager. You’ll get an email if there are updates or additions.

We don’t use Canva or PicMonkey for Graphics…

I’m assuming that means your team has a graphic program they use. This teaching is so simple it works on PicMonkey or Canva which means…it is TOTALLY easier if your team member is skilled in a graphics program. They are already at an advantage.

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