A Free Mash Game Printable Version –with full instructions.

This printable Mash game template is a classic throwback to the fun of sleepovers! Grab this printable and teach your kids and grandkids this cool game. Includes instructions…if you’ve forgotten how to play! “Old-school” fun with a piece of paper and a pencil!

I don’t know if I want to date myself. But then, I’m also perfectly fine with my age. According to my kids, I am old. But, according to many of you…I’m young. That nice in-between place. It’s all good. But, I AM old enough to now have “vintage toys” and “oh mom…you wore THAT”. Yep, yep I did; I was that cool. And I am still cool enough to know some of you will want this printable MASH game, either for yourselves or for your children. This was a classic sleepover game that I grew up with.

I was born in the late 70’s and grew up in the 80’s (naturally). I lusted after Cabbage Patch Dolls (not the fake ones…the REAL ones.), and had a crush on the entire New Kids on the Block. I wore high hair and neon whenever my parents would let me, and thought MC Hammer was the coolest. I (secretly)collected Garbage Pail Kids cards (remember those?) And played M.A.S.H. like my life depended on it. And it did. For real. I did NOT want to live in an outhouse (we always added that!) and be married to my teacher…ewww!!

GEt the free m.a.s.h. printable (without the watermark :))

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We thought some of you might enjoy this fun little mash game. Bring back some memories, or make some new ones. Grab those young whippersnappers…put on some NKOTSB and go for it!! Have a great life!

Where does the game MASH come from?

I tried to research and didn’t come back with a firm answer. The rumor is that Mark Mash aka Monsta Ma$h and his 3 friends invented it in 1983 using his last name. Most likely, it came about from those little origami fortunetellers we were making as children. Either way, we all seem to know how to play it!

How to play MASH?

Fill out each category with your top 5 choices. Use your pencil and start drawing a spiral, have a friend tell you when to stop. Count the circles (that is your magic number!) and start counting around the page (include the MASH at the top of the page…MansionApartmentShack, House). When you hit your number, cross it off. Leave one per category. Continue until you only have one in each category. That, my friends, is your future :).

What does the acronym in the game MASH stand for?

MansionApartmentShack. House. Mansion, of course, is the most desired outcome. And shack being the least desired. Have fun and change it up. Try a swampsewers, or school bus instead of a shack

Old-fashioned MASH paper game

What should I put in my MASH game?

For a better experience, fill out the game with honest answers (unless you are married :)…then you might want to be silly). It’s a fun story-telling game that encourages dreaming about the player’s future life. No wrong answers here!

Add a silly entry in each category to keep the MASH game fun.

This is a fortune-telling type of game I played in my childhood from elementary school until middle school when I was too cool. For fun, we would sometimes write numbers down on each other’s papers to stand for the number of children we would have. And, of course, it was crazy numbers like 112. Or it was required that one type of car had to be a station wagon. 

Grab this fun printable paper game and have fun! Show your kids, grab some girlfriends and wine, and revive this old classic pencil game.

3 thoughts on “A Free Mash Game Printable Version –with full instructions.”

  1. I’m a teacher and this game was mentioned in my students book we were reading. I wanted her to understand the game so she’d understand the reference to the game in her book. I thought I’d print this and make the game for her and I to play :-)

  2. Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly

    Aah M.A.S.H! Oh the notebooks that were filled with these charts… Makes my 6th grade heart sing. :)

  3. Oh this is so my life right here in one little post!! I was a collector of the fine Cabbage Patch Dolls, and like all of us thought, “One day these will be worth something”. We’ll that day has come and gone, sold my collection of 52 CPK’s for approximately $250. Yep. Real collectors items! I’m
    Now going to find out who my kids will be marrying and where they’ll be living! Thanks for the laugh tonight!!

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