Anthro Hack: DIY Ceramic Vases

Update vases to mimic their more expensive counterparts with only a bit of paint, baking soda, and a Sharpie. Take your mismatched, cheap vases and turn them into beautiful, high-end textured vases.

Recently I was doing a bit of online browsing and ran across these vases that I thought were quite cute (on the right). After a bit of looking at them I realized they would be a great opportunity to try using the baking soda paint trend that I’ve been seeing everywhere.

Turn mismatched vases into beautiful textured vases with this DIY baking soda paint that creates a beautiful clay type of texture.

These vases took only an afternoon to make and were an inexpensive and simple project. Although not exactly the same, I’m very pleased with how they turned out and can’t wait to paint all the things!

Note: These are MUCH prettier in person than I was able to capture in photos. The texture feels much more real and true then it appears.

Materials needed:

  • Latex Paint You won’t need much paint, at all. I usually mix up a cup at a time and rarely use the whole cup. This is a perfect opportunity to use leftover latex paint or check out the oops section at your local home improvement store.
  • Baking Soda I recommend starting with 1 tablespoon baking soda per cup, at a time. The more you add, the thicker your paint will get. Most likely you will find 2 tablespoons per cup your happy medium.
  • Paint Brush Using an inexpensive sponge brush will result in a smoother finish, bristle brushes gives you more texture and visible lines. I used a bristle brush and each painted each coat in a different direction to create more texture.
  • Disposable Container Mix up your paint in a disposable container to keep it easy to clean up. You won’t be able to save it and use it later so be prepared to toss it.
  • Vases Any type of vase. Use your mismatched ones, cheap ones from the thrift store or dollar store, or even glass jars.
  • King Size Sharpie Any size black Sharpie would be fine, however, you will find the king size a bit more efficient. Go ahead and try a different color, if you prefer!

How to Paint your Vases:

  • Gather your mismatched glass, porcelain, wood, or whatever material (this paint works great on most anything!) vases.
  • Mix up a small batch of paint. Start with 1/2 cup of paint to 2 tablespoons of a baking soda if you are only doing a few vases.
  • Paint your first coat. Especially if you are using a bristle brush, try to keep your lines clean and smooth. The paint will be thick with bits of baking soda in it, as you paint. This is exactly how it should be to achieve the beautiful faux clay texture.
  • Wait at least 45 minutes and paint a second coat. Paint this coat in the opposite direction of the previous coat. Meaning, if you painted the first coat up and down paint the second side to side.

How to Create the Tribal Pattern with a Sharpie:

YouTube video

Turn your mismatched glass vases into beautiful textured ceramic vases.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Adding more coats builds on the texture. Alternatively, thickening your paint with more baking soda creates a thicker textured paint. Try both techniques to find your favorite.
  • Add a coat of clear gloss to give your vases a more finished look, if you prefer.
  • Find vases to paint at your local thrift store. Often you’ll find LOTS of cheap little knick knacks and vases to turn into high-end pieces.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with your artsy abilities, skip adding any decorative design. Instead, try using a few different colors of paint. Or opt for the impact of multiple pieces of the same color.
Vases painted with baking soda paint to create a DIY ceramic effect.

Let me know if you try this project! Tag me @miznelliebellie on all social media so I can see and share!

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