Refresh your Sofa with these quick hacks

I’ve got 5 easy steps to update your tired couch with some fresh life and color. A bit of time, energy, and a very small budget will make a huge impact in your space!

After: a quick swap out of throw pillows with mustard yellow gives the couch a brighter, unified look super cheap and easy!

Before: It looks just fine, I totally agree. BUT…changing out those pillow covers brightened everything up in a quick hurry!

  1. Update your throw pillows.
    Throwing out your current throw pillows and buying all new isn’t necessary (or cost-effective for most of us!). Instead, simply wash and slip new covers over the throw pillows you have. Instant refresh! Tip…choose a single, bright color (in my case, mustard yellow) for an happy uplift.

    💲 the ones I have are: Pack of 2 soft velvet mustard yellow cushions, Flying Carpet decorative pillowcase, and Orange Velvet Cushion Case (smaller rectangle)

  2. Add a pretty blanket.
    Drape a pretty blanket on the back of your couch or along the cushions to add charm and even cover a stain or tear. Hides AND adds decor! Tip: a vintage low-pile rug works great, as well!

    💲 Get one similar to my fave (I love this one!): 100% Cotton Throw Blanket with fringe.

  3. Fluff the cushions.
    Although I need to do it again according to this pic (isn’t it funny what you see in pictures that you don’t notice in real life!), most couches will end up with saggy cushions. You can add additional polyfill to them by opening the zipper and shoving some into the back of the cushions (this is for the upper cushions). Then, punch the crap out of the bottom of the cushions to get the fill to move up and distribute evenly. I promise…it does a world of good!

    💲 The polyfill you’ll probably need (fair warning–you might need a couple of bags!): Poly-fil Polyester Fiber

  4. Wash the cushion covers.
    In fact, I just washed the covers before this picture and, as you can see, I didn’t put them back on straight. GAH! Washing the covers on cold and delicate will clean them, make them smell good, and give your couch a boost. Plus, you feel good that you did it! Tip: if you can’t fully wash your covers give them a good spray with your favorite fabric refresh spray.

    💲 My favorite fabric refreshing spray: Non-Toxic, Natural Odor Removing Spray or from Target I like the Mrs. Meyers.

  5. Vacuum and spot clean.
    Take a few moments when the cushions are off to vacuum underneath them and in the nooks & crannies. Spot clean the cushions and arms. Always be careful with the product you use to clean. Be sure it won’t ruin your material. Tip: I always give my new furniture a good spray of ScotchGard immediately when I buy it. I always test a spot first to make sure it won’t ruin the fabric. Especially any places that get alot of wear and use!

    💲 Grab yourself ScotchGard!

  6. Distract
    If a new couch isn’t in your future add a plant, patterned stenciling, pretty art, or other decor to move the eye from your tired couch to the other items in the room. Tip: a large piece of art behind the couch is always a great idea for moving your eye off your couch. The one I have I made myself with a canvas and layers and layers of extra paint.

    💲 Similar to my custom art: Blush Canvas Wall Art
    Similar to my brushstroke wall: Black and White Brush Stroke Peel N Stick

Remember, your home is for you and yours to relax and enjoy. At the end of the day, any old couch can help you do that. Don’t lose sight of what your home is for! But if your tired couch really bothers you, take these steps to help give a bit of life back to what you have. You might be happily surprised!

living room makeover - tiny home

And this, friends, is our couch when we first bought it and those cushions were fresh and new. Kids and dogs make for serious sagging, don’t they. On all sorts of things ;). And let’s not miss what the living room used to look like…all moody and gray.

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Living Room

Same room. Same couch. Definitely feels different. Isn’t it amazing what paint does for a space!

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