DIY Song Lyric Art (canvas & Sharpie!)

You only need 2 materials for this charming DIY Song Lyric Art! A sharpie and a canvas to create a personalized piece of art you’ll be proud to have anywhere in your home!

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Simple, easy, and yet so charming! This little art work is the perfect finishing and non-assuming touch to my living room. The song lyrics bring a smile to my face every morning!

Materials Needed for Song Lyric Art

  • Canvas (whatever size you prefer. Just remember that you need to fit your lyrics on the canvas. Write small or big, and use a single phrase or the entire song…think about this before you pick out your canvas).
  • black Sharpie. I prefer using a chisel tip because it creates a unique, calligraphy style shape. However, it’s not THAT much of a difference so use what you have! Also take into account the size of your canvas. For small canvases, use a smaller tipped Sharpie.
  • White-out or white paint to fix mistakes.

The Sharpie I used works perfect for the large scale handwriting and canvas I wanted to use.

Ideas for song lyrics include wedding songs, favorite lyrics for your child’s bedtime, YOUR favorite song, or even something ridiculous! Go ahead and repeat the same line again and again and again…that works best, anyways, to ensure that you don’t run out of space for your lyrics!

To start, I sketched out the first part of the lyrics to get a feel for how it would look. I free-styled my writing and simply repeated the lyrics.

Note: I believe that free-style handwriting is key to this project looking unique and modern. However, you could take the extra time to create a template on a word document with your favorite font and try to mimic it. But really…why?

I PROMISE YOU…you are the only one that sees your handwriting and grimaces. Everyone else will see a cool piece on the wall. Frankly, some of your messy writing is just PERFECT for creating a modern song lyric art.

The process takes a bit of time. Be sure to go slowly, carefully, and perhaps use a ruler or cardboard to help keep you straight. You will most likely need to go back after your first go and fix some of the places that have canvas seeping, or aren’t perfect.

Tip: use white paint or white-out to fix mistakes! Simply paint it, move on with the rest of the piece while it dries, and go back to fix it at the end.

Such a sweet addition! Perfect gift for a wedding, baby shower, or even Christmas gift.

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