25+ Christmas Gift Ideas for family & friends (under $50)

These are gift ideas my family would love to receive. They are thoughtful and personal. Which, in my opinion, if you feel the need to give me a gift..those are the words that should describe it. Otherwise, why are you bothering? Right :). Best of all is that they fall under $50. Most of them…well under!

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For a food-loving family:

Get a cookbook or two. Be sure to include one that is kid-friendly, if there are small children. I recommend this one from Ree Drummond. Her recipes are approachable and simple…perfect for a busy family! I have this very cookbook. It’s a good one that I will be gifting, this year.

  • Create a gift set with a cookbook, kitchen towel, utensils, and cute apron.
  • Or, make a cookbook from your family and gift to others. I recommend as an easy place to get started.
  • Think about gifting a set of videos from a t.v. cooking star. These are fun to watch as a family! Perhaps include a cookbook from the same star.

For a traveling family

I’m all about this scratch-off map to record the places you’ve been. How fun is this!! I would love to see this in my house. And, of course…being scratched off.

For the coffee-loving family

Make a set of homemade coffee syrups. SOOO much easier than you might think. Pinky promise! Grab some cute bottles and whip up a quick batch of these syrups. Super useful, personal, and delicious.

For the board-game loving family:

We love board games in our family and this game square looks like a must-have for us! We would grab coffee, treats, and sit for hours to work on this.

  • Mad Libs. It’s a classic :)
  • tabletop bingo. Because who wouldn’t like to host their own bingo nights?
  • last year my family stumbled upon Superfight and have had an absolute blast fighting, all for the game!


For the family that has everything:

Sometimes you just have zero idea what to do. Your brain isn’t working, you can’t think about their interests…big ol’ fail. This is the time to make up a quick bit of homemade treats. Nothing fancy. This homemade microwave fudge would do the trick. Put it in a cute container and include a heartfelt card. Winner! I like these tins for gifting…

For the family that loves having a campfire:

Especially if they have small children. There is nothing quite like popping popcorn over an open fire.

And the family that loves camping:

Yes, camping and campfire are totally different. And hello…those UNO cards are adorable!! Makes me want to go camping just to use them.

For the animal loving family:

These cat-butt magnets are just too much, aren’t they. Funny stuff!


A personalized peg family is super easy and a fantastic gift idea!

For that sentimental family:

You know the family that deeply appreciates thoughtful and homemade gifts. The ones that get a bit teary-eyed at a single doodle on a card? This personalized peg family is perfect. I made this last week for my own home and absolutely love it. In fact, it’s right next to my front door for all to see. Super sweet!


I hope you were able to knock some gifts of your list! If you are like me, any extra help you can get helping do the thinking about gifts is helpful. And remember friend, although there are always those people in our lives that we WANT to give gifts to…most in our lives would rather have our time and energy. Think about gifting experiences rather than stuff.Β 


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    December 8, 2017 / 10:27 am

    I see the game square at the bottom but the link in the blog took me to candles….

    • Nellie
      December 8, 2017 / 2:30 pm

      Gah!!! Thanks much. Technical stuff seems to be our demise.

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