33 kids activities for beating cabin fever

After I do the 33 kids activities I need to do 33 activities for mom. Because, about this time of year in Wisconsin you go a bit crazy. It’s been winter for like…36 months?? I swear there has been snow on the ground since I was 5 years old. It feels like forever!!

Don’t get me wrong, we go outside. We sled, we build forts, we make snow angels.
Then we get cold. When it’s hovering between 0 and 32 degrees on a good day you only want to be outside for so long. I don’t like my buggars freezing in my nose. It feels…wrong?

So, about this time of year I’m looking for fun stuff for Levi to do (Katie has her cellphone…she doesn’t need her imagination anymore). I’ve compiled a list of some great activities for indoor play. What do you do to beat cabin fever??

33 kids activities to beat cabin fever. by NellieBellie

dinosaur activities


You can find ideas like a fossil hunt, dinosaur cookies, and dinosaur soap at The Happier Homemaker
Brontosaurus from a paper plate from Creativity Takes Flight
Dinosaur Hands from Happy Whimsical Hearts
Origami dinosaurs from Origami Instructions


duct tape activities

bottle cap checkers-005

Bottle cap Checkers from Country Chic Cottage.
5 things to do with Glow in the Dark Duct Tape
Textbook Cover from Four Marrs One Venus
Duct Tape belt from Dukes and Duchesses


Paper activities


Paper Pinwheels from Mom 4 Real
How to make Paper Fortune Cookies
Paper Snowflakes
DIY Mini Notebook
How to make a Paper Plate basket


Crafts to make with craft sticks
(otherwise known as the great popsicle stick)


Shape Sticks from Tried and True
How to make a mini bow and arrow
Felt Butterflies
Popsicle Stick Puzzle
Popsicle Memory game
Popsicle Stick dolls


Crafts to make with felt

felt bowties

How to make felt bow-ties
How to make a felt plant
How to make a tooth pillow (more advanced craft)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Game from Family Home and Life


For the garden

how to make a rock caterpillar

How to make a rock caterpillar
DIY Outdoor Pinwheel
Painted Rock Garden Markers by Mommy Endeavors
Toilet Paper Roll Birdfeeder by Juggling with Kids
Groovy Garden Box by Four Marrs One Venus


with clay and playdough


Best Homemade Play-doh from Domestic Imperfection
Smiley Face Magnets from While She Naps
Playdoh Monsters from Pink and Green Mama
Playdoh Earth model from Meet the Dubiens


I sure hope you find something to keep you and your kid busy!! I know I have!



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