DIY 2020 The Year We Stayed Home Christmas Ornament

A DIY 2020 Christmas ornament made from simple, homemade air-dry clay and Sharpies is a fun and humorous take on this crazy year 2020 has been.

Scroll to the end of the post for the video tutorial on how to decorate these with Sharpies.

Each year I love making my friends & family handmade clay ornaments and candles to include with their gifts. I’m a firm believer that homemade gifts really are the best. Unfortunately I don’t have time to make full homemade gifts so including something small feels like a nice gesture.

2020 DIY Christmas Ornament

Note: One batch of homemade clay will make about a dozen or dozen and a half of these ornaments.

Get the recipe for Homemade Air-Dry Clay (only 3 ingredients!). Or purchase clay from any of your craft stores or big box stores.

Homemade clay 2020 Christmas Ornament

Step One: Roll out a small amount of your homemade clay into as close of a square as possible and about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.

Tip: work with a small amount of the homemade clay recipe at a time to ensure the clay doesn’t dry out.

2020 Clay ornament

Step 2: Use a sharp knife to cut the clay into the house shapes. You can either free hand this, if you feel confident, or make yourself a simple paper template to follow.

Create as many of them as you can on the square of clay you rolled out.

Step 3: Carefully scoop them up and set them aside to dry. Combine the leftover bits of clay to roll out and make as. many additional houses as you like.

2020 Clay ornament

Step 4: Don’t forget to use a chopstick, pencil, or other sharp object to create the hole you’ll need to hang the ornament.

YouTube video

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