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How to Plant a Terrarium - Jar Terrariums

Terrariums aren't expensive and anyone can make them. And the best part is that you don't need a green thumb to care for them. If you follow the instructions for making one it is virtually a self-care garden. They are perfect for children, your kitchen counter, and adding a bit of life to your coffee table.

Dining Room Schoolhouse Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall in the dining room isn't for everyone. Especially a schoolhouse GREEN chalkboard wall. However, take a bit of inspiration from this project and create an accent wall for yourself. Perhaps you'll even try a chalkboard wall, yourself? I've got the easy tutorial, tips & tricks, and thoughts on creating this chalkboard accent wall.

Front Porch Updates and DIY Address Sign

If you are looking for inexpensive and easy ways to update your front entry...I've got you. Here are a few ideas that all come in under $30 each. Or, combine some for a major change!

Anthro Hack: DIY Ceramic Vases

Update vases to mimic their more expensive counterparts with only a bit of paint, baking soda, and a Sharpie. Take your mismatched, cheap vases and turn them into beautiful, high-end textured vases. Recently I was doing a bit of online browsing and ran across these vases that

How to Paint a Drop cloth Rug

This painted drop cloth rug is a beautiful and simple Aztec wonder. It is created simply from a drop cloth and paint. Take an afternoon and create yourself a beautiful cloth for under your table.

Refresh your Sofa with these quick hacks

I've got 5 easy steps to update your tired couch with some fresh life and color. A bit of time, energy, and a very small budget will make a huge impact in your space!

A Pink Front Door - quick update

With some paint, a brush, and painters tape you can add a big impact to your home! An afternoon and a bit of patience is all it takes to add a personal touch to your doors.

DIY Song Lyric Art (canvas & Sharpie!)

You only need 2 materials for this charming DIY Song Lyric Art! A sharpie and a canvas to create a personalized piece of art you'll be proud to have anywhere in your home!

easy DIY Pet Art (Full tutorial, video, & PDF)

Create your own custom art featuring your favorite pooch! A great gift idea for your dog-loving friend. I have the full instructions for this DIY pet art including printables, video, and more! Follow along!

Hi DIY Doormat --no crafting skills needed!

Personalize a cheap outdoor entry rug with spray paint and tape into a fun, colorful, long lasting entry rug! No crafty skills or hard materials needed! Part of the 30 for $30 series.

27 Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids-featuring Mummies

Easy Halloween crafts for kids to make (many under 5 minutes!) and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers with materials you can find at your local Dollar Store or cupboard! Grab the family and whip up some mummy crafts for your Halloween decorans, this year!

Mummy Halloween Treat Cups [great kids craft!]

These Mummy Treat Cups are a fantastic way to help keep kids from digging their hands in bowls of candy and spreading unwanted germs. They stay safe AND they think it's super fun and cute!

easy DIY Barn Quilt ANYONE can make!

This DIY Barn Quilt is made using 4 smaller pieces of plywood to create the large size making it much easier for anyone to make with simple tools. No need to haul a large piece of plywood!

8 easy DIY Sharpie Ornaments-FULL instructions

It's the perfect time of year to start thinking about great DIY Christmas gifts for your friends and family! These adorable woodland animal ornaments made with Sharpies are the perfect place to start.

homemade play dough recipe

BEST Homemade Play dough recipe

Make up a batch of homemade play dough for the kids! Give them a quick lesson in science, where food (or crafts) come from, and look like a super smart hero! The BEST recipe you'll ever find!

homemade washable window paint

DIY Window Paint

Only 3 easy pantry ingredients are needed to create washable window paint. A great kids activity to liven up your windows!

EPIC kids activities for beating cabin fever.

I've got EPIC and AMAZING ideas for helping beat cabin fever. When kids get a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside, pull out one of these fun activities! Build a Fort (but not just any fort) Grab the blankets, sheets, and clothespins and pass them

Homemade Soy Candles

You CAN make your own unique candles with little effort and time! Pinky promise that you should check this out!

easiest Air Dry Clay Recipe

Making your own air dry clay for Christmas ornaments and other crafts takes hardly any time and effort. Don't buy it in the the tub, make it yourself with only 3 easy ingredients in this easy air dry clay recipe!

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