Thanksgiving/Christmas Chalkboard placemats

reversible chalkboard placemats made from $1 placemats at NellieBellie

Today I want to share one of the Seasonal projects I have been working on…Christmas AND Thanksgiving Chalkboard placemats! whew! someday I will figure out a shorter name!  I’m really not a big fan of keeping a ton of miscellaneous things around the house (read, crap) that only comes out for a few days each year.  We don’t have space in our apartment.  And…it’s one more thing to clean.


But a certain amount of decoration really helps to make the holidays feel special, especially for kids.  So I’ve been thinking of ways to keep the feeling of holiday without needing quite as much stuff.  These reversible chalkboard placemats are just one way to reduce.  2 holidays in 1.  Score!

These vinyl placemats were .88 at Walmart. The backside is very smooth and the opposite is more absorbent and pure red…much better for Christmas!


The Thanksgiving side needed a primer ┬Łof sorts. That vinyl needs to be sealed so the chalkboard paint can adhere. I chose this black enamel I had from another project. Because it was black it would reduce how many coats I would need of the chalkboard paint.


Next we grab our trusty chalkboard paint. You won’t need a lot. I used about 1 cup of paint for 4 place mats.  One side chalkboard paint, one side Christmas fun! ( I used simple paint pens to do the Christmas side…keep it easy!)  If you aren’t a natural artist, use some stencils and fill in.


Your paint should have been left for about 3 days.  We weren’t that smart.  Then you should cover the whole thing with chalk. And rub the chalk in.
Wipe it off and you are done!

Be sure to have chalk available at the table for people to write with, a variety of colors is the best!




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  1. Kelley @ says

    hi stopping by from craft envy. The placemats came out great.. and I love that they are reversible. Chalkboard paint is the best! I would love for you to link this up at my friday link party going on now if you get a chance :)

  2. Janel@hatingmartha says

    @Shiloh :) I have gotten pretty good at "Strategic" decorating. I so want my kids to enjoy projects that I certainly am not going to fuss when something isn't quite right, just fix it quietly. Thanks for coming by…I appreciate it so much!

  3. Karen says

    Great idea for kids! I want to try something like this:) Would love you come link up at my new link party Friday Frolic @Pocket Full of Pink. It needs some love!

  4. Janet says

    It's such a good idea to make the placemats reversible to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They look like a lot of fun too!

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