repurpose pool noodle: pretend cupcakes

That title drums up ideas of aliens and creepy things, doesn’t it?  Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you creepy dreams.  Happy thoughts…pool noodle crafts….and!…


It is stinking hot here in the Midwest.  Everything is drooping. Everything is sweating.  Sweat is coming from places I didn’t know could sweat.  Things are drooping I didn’t know could droop.  It is toooo darn hot to make cupcakes.  So…bye, that’s all folks!

Just kidding. I am a girl of my word.  I said cupcake week. So, gosh darn…we are having cupcakes!!  I just had to be…creative. Yep, that’s it.  Truth is…many years ago I remember seeing something similar to this craft.  I don’t know where, it just got filed in my brain for future use. Like today!

Pool noodle cupcake, a great fake-out!  These fake cupcakes are just a ton of fun!

Why yes…those are made from a pool noodle. Crazy, huh!!  They look better in person. And from a bit away they could totally fool you!  My love machine went to get a “strawberry cream” cupcake…wa ha!  Anyways, these are sitting on my dining room table looking all sweet and lovely.  And teasing, teasing.  Best of all…they won’t droop or melt.  AND they are easy easy easy!!


It really is that simple.

1. You need a pool noodle.

2. Cut it about 3 inches or so.

3. Cut the sides of the top to give you a cupcakey shape.

4. Cut out a fabric circle as big as the top of the noodles…and add about an inch around.

5. Put glue all over it and stick it to the top.

6. Decorate. I used glue, glitter, and a large bead.

The end.

Now I won’t be fired from cupcake week. You all can relax.  And yes, I know this isn’t the same…but it’s better. Really! These have no calories.

Okay, here’s hoping that nasty weather we are supposed to get goes through soon and I can make up some REAL cupcakes. I am feeling like Margarita cupcakes! Yum!

If you want REAL cupcakes, try one of these:

Margarita Cupcakes
Ice Cream Cupcakes
Almond Joy Cupcakes
Firecracker cupcakes
Blackberry Cream Cupcakes


  1. says

    This is so clever and cute! Can’t wait to make these. What a great addition they will be when my daughter and I play tea time. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Meegan says

    Your cupcakes seriously are adorable! Your creativity has exceeded itself this time :) LOVE it!!

  3. says

    You are too, too fun! Too hot for baking here too. Hope everybody has their kitchen goodies ready. Totally excited. Also, there is still time to enter the draw for those gorg earrings C:

  4. says

    What do I say to this???

    Umm…”I can’t be your friend anymore because you are to talented and you make me look bad?”

    Oh sorry, I was thinking out loud ;) hehehe

    This is, without a doubt, flipping cuter then cute can be!!!!!!!!
    (with a cherry on top)

    You rock girl. You rock.

  5. says

    See now… THIS is the kind of creative crafting that I just love. I would never have thought to do that with a noodle, but they DO look like cupcakes.

  6. says

    No way! I thought those were real and I was ready to tell you that you linked to the wrong party LOL! Absolutely adorable. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing this fantastic pool noodle idea.

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