play-doh pencil case & neon supplies

School is starting soon. Boo. That’s what my kids say.
Me… I’m kind of okay with it. I’m ready for a schedule again.

But, that also means the prep work starts. All things notebooky, pencily, and foldery
will need to be bought, labeled, personalized, and put away. Sigh.

Sometimes…fun just needs to happen in between all of that.

I went to the dollar store and came home with this…

I saw those playdoh containers and had an

aha moment!

Yep. It’s tough being me sometimes.

Well, if you want to know how to make that darn pencil case here is the quick picture how-to…


1. cut the bottoms off and then a slit up the side all but 1 (the bottom).

2. stick a t.p roll in the bottom one.

3. use hot glue and attach the containers around the t.p roll

nice and high!

4. then cut the outside rings off the lids.

5.. hot glue those on (yep, I missed a picture)

I threw some duct tape into the inside to look pretty.

There you go…now you can make one! (you know you wanted a reason not to have to clean )
Who doesn’t want a Play-doh pencil case??


P.S. I haven’t forgotten I need to show you the rest of the bathroom. I just…
yeah, I just haven’t written the posts. No other excuse. Pathetic, I know.


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