DIY mini buoys, cage basket, rope frame.

This article is incredibly old.  We don’t like the photos…we don’t even think the project is all that good.  But in the interest of full disclosure, we’ve decided to keep it up.  This way, you can see the growth in Nellie’s crafting and photography abilities.  So follow this tutorial loosely…and make your version better than ours!

I get that that is a long title. I did a lot of crafts. Which one doesn’t get their name in lights?

I saw this picture in Pottery Barn and loved it…

At first I set out to find some clear ornaments to use to copy these mini buoys.
In my neck of the woods…clear ornaments are only available around Christmas.
Rethink the plan of how to make those darn mini buoys.

I used…


Yep, Styrofoam balls.
I painted them a lovely turquoise pearl paint and then sprayed them with frosted glass spray.
I wanted them to have a beachy aqua color…



The worst part was those darn knots.
I was a Girl Scout. We learned how to sell cookies, and babysit.
We missed the knot tying lessons.
So, I Googled. But here are the pictures of the steps…good luck!


You have two pieces of rope. 1 is in the shape of a U. The other is in a loop with one end of the loop over the U and one under.
Can you see that?


Then you put the left side of the U shape into the loop. Hold the two ends on one side, the two on the other and pull.


If that isn’t clear…Google it. Ha.


Loop it around the “buoy” and use another piece of rope to tie them together.


There you go…a little Styrofoamy..but still cute. And cost for my mini buoys? All of $3.00 (I had the rope and paint).

Next up…

Well, not the rope frame. Because you can figure that out. Hot glue rope around,
and around, and around a frame…until every little hole is covered. Then make it cute.
I used pom pom’s and some red ric-rac. The end.

But, the wire basket…here you go. Step by step.


The supplies you need. Wire, wire fencing or chicken wire stuff, metal clippers, a needle-nose pliers


Cut your fencing to get the size and shape you want. Cut it to overlap itself. This is where you will attach it to itself.


Cut 2 pieces of wire a bit longer on each side then your overlapping size.


Bend over the ends of the wire to form loops.


Attach one side of the loop first to your basket, bringing it through both pieces of fencing. Open the loop on the other side to slip it in. Clamp both loops down tightly. Repeat for the second wire piece on the bottom of the basket.


Cut a piece of fencing the size of the bottom of your “basket”. Be sure to leave just a bit of an overlap.


Bend the overlap over and into the “basket”. This takes time. But, be sure to bend any poky pieces of wire over.


Cut a piece of wire the length  you want for your handle and bend the ends over to create loops.


Attach the handles to the basket by inserting the loop onto the basket and using the pliers to wrap it around.


Now, go around the top of the basket and bend down the poky wire bits that are sticking up. You are done!


And there you go!

My version isn’t quite the same thing. But, I think it’s better.



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