Sex on a Snowbank Cocktail

What on earth is with the name? Humor, that’s what. We don’t take things too seriously around here and this Sex on a Snowbank Cocktail is proof of that. And proof that when you live in MN, you need to have a good winter cocktail to laugh about the crazy weather. This is it and the original recipe and post that started the internet sensation!

note: this cocktail has taken over the internet and become known as a variety of other names including Sex in the Snow, Snowflake Cocktail, and Frozen Snow Cocktail, along with others. Although those are all great names, there isn’t anything better then the original…

The wintry cocktail Sex on a Snowbank in a martini glass with Cream of Coconut.

Have you heard of sex on a beach? The cocktail? We have. Yes, we like it. But here in MN it seems a cruel, cruel joke that many of the best cocktails are related to warmth and sand and little umbrellas. People never talk about “winter cocktails”.  If you go on Pinterest all the labels for delicious looking cocktails are  “Summer”.  Classic “summer” cocktails, refreshing “summer” drinks,  perfect “summer” beverage.  Not a single winter cocktail.

It’s just plain cruel.

We were sitting around the table whining about it (on one of the -25 degree days) with some friends, joking that here  in Minnesota it would be more like Sex on a Snowbank with snow and cold and the like. Not fun at all. That gave us a fun cocktail idea…

Sex on a Snowbank. Now that is a Minnesotan drink.

This cocktail really isn’t anything like a Sex on a Beach summer cocktail…it’s one of those winter cocktails (like how we slipped in the fact that everyone should just know about winter cocktails?) that messes with all the rules.  It’s like a pina colada, but served in a martini glass (P.S. I’m obsessed with these glasses. They are so gorgeous in real life!).  And it’s really the consistency of a slushie. But a winter slushie.

This delicious winter cocktail is only 3 ingredients. EAsy to make and absolutely delicious! Sex on a Snowbank

Main Ingredients:

You only need 2 main ingredients and some ice. The best part is that these ingredients are easy to find and have a great shelf life. You can totally buy the Malibu Rum and Cream of coconut and make drinks all winter long without worrying about anything spoiling!

  • Malibu Rum. You could use traditional rum, if you prefer. However the use of Malibu rum adds coconut flavor on top of coconut flavor…the ULTIMATE. And frankly, with only 2 key ingredients in this cocktail, why NOT?
  • Cream of Coconut. This ingredient trips people up. Cream of Coconut (often seen as THIS or THIS in the grocery store) is a coconut flavored sweetener commonly used in cocktails. You can also use just a can of coconut milk but use only the thick top that you get prior to shaking the can. Even better, chill it prior to use. You may choose to add a bit of sweetener to the drink if you use this substitution.

How to Make a Sex on a Snowbank Cocktail

This cocktail is easy, easy to make.  Just plop a bunch of ice, some alcohol, and some coconutty goodness into a blender and you’ve got yourself an amazing, delicious winter cocktail that is perfect for enjoying with friends!

  • Add the Malibu Rum and the Cream of Coconut to the blender.
  • Add the ice cubes.
  • Blend until it reaches the consistency you prefer. It will be slushy!
  • Note: if you prefer a creamy consistency try adding a bit more coconut milk and less ice.
  • Note: add pineapple juice and you pretty much have a Pina Colada!

And oh gosh it is wonderful!! Cool, sweet, refreshing, and beautiful.

Where can I get Cream of Coconut?

We used THIS one .
You can find Cream of Coconut at your liquor store and coconut cream in the ethnic section or in canned form next to the coconut milk. See recipe notes of how to use the coconut cream, if you choose to use that option.

Sex on a Snowbank Winter Cocktails

| 1 serving
Prep Time | 5 minutes
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a delicious, super easy winter cocktail!



Check out our Kitchen Reference Guide for help with unfamiliar terms.


  • Place ingredients together in a blender.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Pour into a chilled martini glass.



If you want a thicker consistency, use less ice and more coconut cream.
For a really fancy drink, coat the rim of the glass with finely shredded coconut!
Cream of Coconut will make the drink a bit sweeter and is easier to use.
If you use coconut cream, do not shake the can before opening. Use only the thick cream part of the can. You may want to add sugar if it isn’t sweet enough for your liking.

53 thoughts on “Sex on a Snowbank Cocktail”

  1. Suzanne kellison

    Love coconut so this is a fav for me. Love the coconut on the rim. Who would have thunk it.

  2. Great question! I have zero idea. I have never stored any :). They have all been drunk immediately.

  3. Can’t go wrong with those easy and tasty ingredients! MErry Christmas and I hope this treat was wonderful for you!

  4. Looks great and I have all the ingredients so MERRY CHRISTMAS Zane thank you . I know it’s delicious without tasting it

  5. Catherine Lekowski

    Try in the liquor store. That’s where we got ours. But Stop & Shop carries it, if not with Goya in international foods, try by the drink mixers…. or if they have on, liquor dept.

  6. I”m so glad to hear it!! Do you mind if I put the tip of using coconut water for non-acholic versions in the post? That’s a fantastic idea!

  7. Made this with dinner one night with my family. Everyone loved it! Even made a non alcoholic version for my nephew using coconut water, in place of the rum. Don’t do drinks often, but adding this to my go-to list for sure.

  8. Honestly, both work. If you use unsweetened coconut cream don’t shake the can first…use the thick stuff. I recommend this version because you can always add sugar to it. But, the Coco Lopez is easier and faster. But, it will make it quite sweet.

  9. Oh no!! hmmm, I’m not sure what that was about. This is a blended drink which does have that sort of texture. But gritty is a different thing. I’m hoping someone else leaves a tip under your comment.

  10. It will work! YOu would think so, wouldn’t you! But kudo’s to you getting that done. One thing I would suggest…cut the cream in half for the first drink and see how the sweetness level is. With that rum having the liqueur in it it might add sweetness to the drink. Good luck!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. All I can find is the Malibu Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur it’s been a long time since I have bought Malibu Rum and I don’t remember it having the Coconut Liqueur in it. So before making this drink I want to make sure this will work and FYI I had to order the Coconut Cream on Amazon… couldn’t find it anywhere. You would think being in California it would be easy to find.

  12. Coconut cream or “cream of coconut” is a product of Goya Foods, a producer of all foods Hispanic…widely available here in NY. Open the top of the can completely, and with a teaspoon be sure to stir the contents of the can completely to mix it before using. C of C tends to separate in the can, with the heavy stuff going to the bottom. Stir, stir, stir!

  13. I Found the coconut cream in the Hispanic Isle at Wal Mart and Shoppers Food Warehouse. It comes in a can.

  14. You can get it a liquor store but it can also be found in can form next to the coconut milk in most Asian sections, now. Yay for making it more accessible :).

  15. You should! We are rather fond of our state and think it’s a magnificent place to live and be. The maple syrup industry is wonderful here and make some of the most delicious syrup there is. I’m lucky enough to be able to get local syrup from a neighbor that we use in our home. Delicious!

  16. Oh no!! I didn’t realize it was so difficult to find. Sorry about that! I would love to hear how it went with the coconut milk. And I’m sure that others that can’t find coconut cream would as well!

  17. Hi I have looked everywhere for coconut cream and was not able to find it. Went to 3 different grocery stores and called 3 other ones. I live in Winnipeg MB Canada and sometimes can find same ingredients as in USA. Anyhoo I’m still trying this recipe I’m using coconut milk. Only thing I could find. I do hope it’s good.

  18. Just wondering what it would taste like with Malibu Coconut Rum. I have that! I must run and go buy some Coconut Cream…..

  19. Um…yes? :)

    Let’s just say it exists…we have some videos that are helpful, but it is NOT professional. At all. Just look up miznelliebellie on youtube and you should find us pretty easily ;)

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