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Simple techniques, resources, and how-to's to help even the beginning cooks get a bit better and more confident in the kitchen.

How to Make Homemade Mocha Syrup

Make your own mocha syrup with only 4 ingredients. FOUR. Quatro. And it's easy, fast, and delicious! Save yourself some money at the coffee shop!

Homemade mayonnaise made with olive oil. Click through for recipe!

How To Make Mayonnaise Out Of Olive Oil

Once again my girl Haley shows us a fast, easy recipe that will save us money AND help us take control of the ingredients in our kitchen. Today she is showing us how to make mayonnaise out of olive oil. This is the freshest, tastiest olive oil

an plate of butter and an example of cookies using a butter substitute

Vegetable Oil and Butter Substitute for Baking

A common question I get on many of our baking recipes is: "What is a substitute for butter". To answer that question, we've gathered up some of our favorite substitutes for butter and oil in baking that you can try in your own kitchen. These are substitutes

How to Make Homemade Pasta for the beginner. With tips, tricks, recipe, and tutorial.

How to Make Homemade Pasta (tips, tricks, & recipe)

Learning how to make homemade pasta is a skill you will enjoy using again and again. I'm a good mom. I really am. Sometimes I screw up and yell or have a short-temper. I nag and I worry too much. Or I forget to show thanks and

Homemade ice cream sandwiches can be easy and fast to make. Here's a quick trick to making homemade ones in no-time flat!

How to Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Don't the words homemade ice cream sandwich make you sweat a bit? They sure make me a bit queasy and I consider myself fairly experienced in the kitchen. We sometimes make money from talking about certain brands. Doesn't mean we don't love them! Find our full disclosure

Quick tip for healthier, creamier mashed potatoes: boil the potatoes with the skin on! more info at nelliebellie.com

The BEST mashed potatoes (tips, tricks, & recipe)

Here's the trick:  Boil your Russet potatoes with the skin ON. Boil your potatoes whole, with the skin on.  Pour off the hot water and replace with ice cold water before peeling (so you don't burn yourself).  You can either peel with your hands, or grab a

Professional Cake Baking Tips

Do you have a local baker or bakery that is out of this world amazing? We do. Ours is the Amazing Amy from Amy's Cupcake Shoppe out of Minnetonka, MN. She's incredible and amazing. I'm seeing how many times I can insert the word amazing in this

Oven pancakes are an easy and fast breakfast option. This is a great classic recipe!

How to Make Oven Pancakes

Let me introduce you to your new weekend favorite, the Nutella® Oven Pancake. I know, I know...it sounds hard and like it doesn't belong on NellieBellie where we believe in simple and easy. First of all, we do believe in hard and crazy sometimes, if it's something you really

how to make homemade gnocci. So easy to do at home. A video tutorial is included as well as a basic recipe. A great thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. www. nelliebellie.com

How to Make Homemade Gnocchi

Hello there! I am so glad you are here. Today we are talking about gnocchi. The little, tiny, absolutely fabulous puffs of potato pasta. Many of you love them as much as I do. But I wonder, have you tried making your own? True, purchasing them is

Homemade Pizza Crust 101: all the tips, recipes and more you need!

Any good pizza is only as good as its crust. And oh boy, do we have crusts. Generally, I stick with a traditional crust, but I often like to pull out a whole-wheat or cauliflower pizza for funsies. And gluten-free pizza crust is my fave! This post is full of tips, tricks, and recipes. You are bound to leave knowing exactly how to make the best homemade pizza crust for your family regardless of dietary needs!

How to make homemade tortillas with tips, tricks, and recipes. From nelliebellie.com

Homemade Tortillas 101 (tips, tricks, and recipes)

Have you ever tried your hand at making homemade tortillas? In the southern states it is much more common to make homemade tortillas than it is here in frozen MN. Us Norwegians seem to be afraid of trying, or perhaps we just don't understand how very easy

How to make homemade hummus basic recipe. healthy snack ideas

Homemade Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a great snack to keep on hand, because it is filling and pretty darn good for you.  Chickpeas and sesame seeds (the main ingredients) are high in iron and a great protein source! But homemade hummus is even better for you!  Store bought hummus can

homemade spaghetti sauce recipe that is easy, classic, and one you'll use again and again! nelliebellie.com

classic Spaghetti Sauce recipe/tips & tricks for perfect Spaghetti dinner

I made a delicious and easy dinner using Johnsonville® Meatballs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MeatballMasters. Find our full disclosure here. Is there anything more revered for family meals than Spaghetti and Meatballs? Not in our home, at least. It seems that everyone will cancel

quick tips for freezing Christmas cookies, freezing baked cookies, freezing cookie dough, freezing cookies, From nelliebellie.com

How to freeze cookies

Freezing cookie dough is a fantastic idea (and a great gift idea, as well!) because it allows you to have fresh-baked cookies without a lot of fuss. Granted, it's not AS fast as freezing cookies that you've already baked, but it's still a great method! “We are

nothing better than a personal mug cake! this post has the tutorial for those homeamade candied peanuts. Yum! | nelliebellie.com

How to Make Homemade Candied Peanuts

If you have never, ever, in the history of ever made candied nuts (can you hear an 11 year old giggling at that phrase--I did!) you really should. It's fast, easy, inexpensive (compared to buying them!), and customizable to all sorts of flavors, nuts, sugars...you name it.

what version of the many coffee makers is best for you? |nelliebellie.com

How to pick the best way to make coffee for YOU

Be sure to grab our adorable, free printable at the end of this post...a cute coffee printable that will look adorable in your kitchen, even if you haven't found the best coffee maker for you! “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Homemade Recipe

Creamy homemade ranch dressing is easy to make and full of flavor! You'll never buy the bottled version again! Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing...might sound a bit daunting to some...it isn't really.  Most homemade dressings are actually really, really simple.  Once you've made your first one...you'll probably be back

Making pasta, in this case raviolo, isn't necessarily about the pasta. It's the fun had in the process.

how to make raviolo

Awhile back we made a version of toasted ravioli using wonton wraps.  And declared to all the world that wonton wraps worked just as well as homemade ravioli and anyone making their own pasta was wasting time.  We were politely chided by one of our favorite readers,

This beautiful cake was created in memory of Marius the giraffe, the animal the Copenhagen Zoo killed recently.

How to make a giraffe pattern cake

If you've been paying attention to International news, you've heard about what the Copenhagen Zoo has been up to. It isn't good. Most recently, they killed 4 lions to make room for a big male lion.  Apparently, they couldn't find anyone to take them.  I don't know

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