How to make Mulling Spices bag (for cider, tea, rum)

In your part of the world is it freezing cold? Like, freeze the snot in your nose kind of cold? It is here. dreadful. pitiful. awful. It's the kind of weather that brings out soups, stews, and warm drinks. These homemade mulling spice bags are absolutely brilliant to have on hand. Brilliant I say!! They work perfectly to add to cider, tea, rum (giggle), and all sorts of warm drink concoctions. They add a bit of warmth and cheer to a dreadfully cold day.

Homemade spice bags | tutorial | from NellieBellie #spicebag

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I'm a giant, big, HUGE fan of using my Capresso Cool Grind grinder, fresh spices, and fresh zest to make these "make your life fabulous" bags of joy. I pop down to my local health food store and buy the spices in bulk to make a nice pile of bags at a time. Truthfully, they will only last 2 hours (okay, exaggeration...more like 3 :)) and I will need to make more. But, that's okay. It's fast, delicious, and makes my house smell amazing!!

To make these homemade little bundles grind your spices into a fairly fine grind, put into a small coffee filter, wrap it up and tie with bakers twine. Seriously...does it get any more adorable than that?

Make your own homemade mulling spices! An easy and tasty idea from NellieBellie

Homemade Mulling Spices Bags

Homemade spice bags | tutorial | from NellieBellie #spicebag

Quick Spice Bags (for cider, tea, rum)

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  • these are my preferences, create your own wonderful version!
  • equal parts:
  • cinnamon sticks
  • whole cloves
  • allspice
  • orange zest


  • Put all the ingredients into the grinder.
  • Grind into a medium/fine grind.
  • For each spice bag use about 2-3 tablespoons of spice.
  • Place bag into mug, pour hot cider over the top.
  • Let steep for several minutes.
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Might I suggest making a bundle of these homemade spice bags, putting them into a sweet box and giving them as a gift along with Apple Cider, Rum, and a couple mugs? How great would that be! And, if you want to be fancy pants you could use my tutorial How to Make your own Tea Bags to make them truly legit looking!  And I also have an awesome recipe for Ginger Tea that I think you'll love.

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