How to freeze cookies

Freezing cookies is a great way to have them on hand whenever you have guests (or college kids!) pop over unexpectedly. Within 15 minutes, you can have warm and fresh cookies ready!

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quick tips for freezing cookie dough so you can have fast, easy, warm cookies any time! freezing cookies

Freezing cookie dough is a fantastic idea (and a great gift idea, as well!) because it allows you to have fresh-baked cookies without much fuss. Granted, it’s not AS fast as freezing cookies you’ve already baked, but it’s still a great method!

  • Place dough by balls onto a cookie sheet and put the sheet into the freezer. When the balls freeze, store them in freezer bags. Think about putting only 1/2 a dozen in a bag to make a fast snack for the kids after-school! No need to thaw before baking!
  • Some cookies like Icebox, Shortbread, and even Chocolate Chip are great for freezing in a roll. Wrap the roll in waxed paper and store it in the fridge. Take it out when you are ready to bake. No need to thaw the whole roll. Slice and bake (add a few minutes to the traditional baking time to counteract the freezing temperature).
  • Don’t try freezing cookie dough made with mostly egg whites (such as a meringue cookie), as they won’t freeze properly.
  • Remove as much air as possible in your freezer bag for the best cookies later.
  • Write the baking instructions on the freezer bag or packaging of your frozen cookie dough so you don’t forget!
  • Be sure you are using freezer bags and not just large storage bags!

Frozen cookie dough lasts for about three months


Tips for freezing cookies after they’ve been baked:

  • Let your cookies cool completely before freezing.
  • Freeze cookies inside freezer bags. Then, set the bags inside a box or basket in the freezer if possible.
  • Wrap baked cookies about 1/2 a dozen at a time in plastic wrap or parchment paper, then bundle the packages in the freezer bag.
  • Use waxed paper between layers that may freeze together and make separating difficult.
  • Frosted cookies should be placed (when cool) on a cookie sheet into the freezer to freeze for a few hours BEFORE being placed in the freezer bags and into the freezer. If necessary, place a sheet of wax paper in between each one (I do this for specialty cookies only).
  • Remove as much air as possible from the container you are freezing them in.
  • Unthaw the cookies in the fridge or on the counter for a few hours.

When you freeze cookies, they’ll last for about 4-6 weeks with a proper air-tight storage

Recipes that work well for freezing cookies:

chocolate chip
peanut butter
jammy dodgers
molasses cookies

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