How to Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Homemade ice cream sandwiches can be easy and fast to make. Here's a quick trick to making homemade ones in no-time flat!Don’t the words homemade ice cream sandwich make you sweat a bit? They sure make me a bit queasy and I consider myself fairly experienced in the kitchen.

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But all that drippy, sticky ice cream trying to get neatly squished between two homemade cookie bits is utterly over whelming and, frankly, NOT going to happen. I do NOT do sticky or drippy while also trying to do neatly in the same recipe. Lunacy is not something I aspire to.

I do, however, like a good ice cream sandwich. And anything I love I have figured out how to make myself. Ice cream sandwiches even. Minus the drippy and sticky, thank you very much.

My trick? Well there’s two of them, actually…

use a mix to make cookies for your ice cream sandwiches. tastefully-simple-chocolate-cookiesOne…

Cookie Mix.

For the cookie parts of the ice cream sandwich I use a mix from Tastefully Simple to bake up delicious Chewy Chocolate Cookies fast and easy. Using a mix cuts the time and mess down A LOT! And cookies from mixes like Tastefully Simple’s tend to hold together really well with ice cream in the middle.

ice-cream-sliceCut your ice cream straight from the container for mess-free perfect ice cream circles for your ice cream sandwiches! Two…

Do NOT even bother scooping and messing around with your ice cream. Simply grab a couple of the smaller containers (in the round shape) and slice the ice cream directly in the container. Plop that round in between two of the cookies and you are done. Easy, fast, and no mess; THOSE are words I like!

Ice cream sandwiches are tasty with ice cream salts or sprinkles! tastefully-simple-ice-cream-saltLet’s take these ice cream sandwiches one step further and better, shall we. I mean, we did save oodles of time already, we can add a few more seconds.

Take a strip of wax or parchment paper and quickly wrap the bottoms of the sandwiches up. Sprinkle the non-wrapped end of the sandwich with ice cream salt (try THESE from Tastefully Simple), sprinkles, or edible candies. Immediately put them into the freezer until you are ready to enjoy them.

Ice cream sandwiches made at home can be fast, easy, and delicious! No mess and fuss with these secrets.Before you run off and make these sandwiches I want to mention a few things…

1. Move quickly or you WILL end up with mess and sticky and fuss. That is no fun.

2. Be sure your cookies have cooled before adding the ice cream. True, that seems common sense but you would be surprised at the questions and comments we get around here. It seems wise to just mention this, in case.

3. You can use any size cookie you like, just keep in mind the matching size ice cream container. I have made small cookies and used the itty containers of ice cream for them. The cutest little ice cream sandwiches you ever did see!

4. This traditional size ice cream sandwich lines up nicely in a loaf pan. Keep the loaf pan in the freezer and pop the sandwiches in as you finish them (it’s great to have a helper that runs them to the freezer.)

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