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Remember the Arts & Crafts time at camp? These are elevated crafts that will remind you of those fun times!

How to Plant a Terrarium - Jar Terrariums

Terrariums aren't expensive and anyone can make them. And the best part is that you don't need a green thumb to care for them. If you follow the instructions for making one it is virtually a self-care garden. They are perfect for children, your kitchen counter, and adding a bit of life to your coffee table.

27 Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids-featuring Mummies

Easy Halloween crafts for kids to make (many under 5 minutes!) and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers with materials you can find at your local Dollar Store or cupboard! Grab the family and whip up some mummy crafts for your Halloween decorans, this year!

homemade play dough recipe

BEST Homemade Play dough recipe

Make up a batch of homemade play dough for the kids! Give them a quick lesson in science, where food (or crafts) come from, and look like a super smart hero! The BEST recipe you'll ever find!

homemade washable window paint

DIY Window Paint

Only 3 easy pantry ingredients are needed to create washable window paint. A great kids activity to liven up your windows!

EPIC kids activities for beating cabin fever.

I've got EPIC and AMAZING ideas for helping beat cabin fever. When kids get a little stir crazy from being cooped up inside, pull out one of these fun activities! Build a Fort (but not just any fort) Grab the blankets, sheets, and clothespins and pass them

Homemade Soy Candles

You CAN make your own unique candles with little effort and time! Pinky promise that you should check this out!

easiest Air Dry Clay Recipe

Making your own air dry clay for Christmas ornaments and other crafts takes hardly any time and effort. Don't buy it in the the tub, make it yourself with only 3 easy ingredients in this easy air dry clay recipe!

Tutorial for making personalized thermos/tumbler with everyday products that truly stays put and withstands the dishwasher.

DIY Personalized Mug Ideas

DIY personalized mugs are a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Gift, and so many more! A great gift for kids to make, as well. And...I don't know if you've heard this about me, but I loooove coffee. One of my favorite things about

make a cute individual cupcake holder. So easy to make and gift! #gift #cupcake

easy Individual Cupcake Holder

It's true, you know. Bring someone a cupcake in easy cupcake holders and you'll gain a friend, or two. Everyone loves a cupcake. And everyone loves pretty packaging. These mason jar cupcake holders are such an easy way to gift a single cupcake! You'll be spreading sugar

easy painting ideas for kids to try for at home arts and crafts.

20+ Paint Crafts for Kids

Over 20 painting crafts for kids to make this weekend for arts and crafts time. And tips you NEED to help keep the kids and your house clean!

Reindeer Rootbeer a great gift idea for beer or rootbeer. Easy craft to make! |

Reindeer Rootbeer Gift

Reindeer Rootbeer is a great gift to give those people in your life that you just don't quite know what to get.  You know what I'm talking about.  You need to give certain people gifts, but they are so hard to shop for!  Or you have an

DIY Sea Glass Topped storage jars

There is never enough cute storage options in my house. Never! But often the pretty storage option can be a bit pricey. Especially for how many I need. These DIY glass storage jars with sea glass tops are so pretty and so easy to make thanks to Krazy Glue.

create these adorable coasters out of recycled t-shirt coasters with this easy tutorial.

easy T-shirt drink coasters

Simple. Easy. Recycled. Best three words you can hear about a project, wouldn’t you agree?? Yes, these t-shirt drink coasters deserve all 3 adjectives. Simple. Just 3 steps and no crafting "techniques" that might be hard to understand.

christmas gift tags

Personalized Thumbprint Christmas Gift Tags

The season for gift-giving has arrived and we are so excited! We love the process of finding and giving gifts to the people we love. It’s so much fun thinking up gift ideas and hunting for the perfect presents that will make people smile.

Sure, sometimes it can be a stressful process. What do you get for that family member who seems to have everything? Or the sister who always asks for personal defense weapons, like knives? (True story; she’s going to be a cop. Should we be worried?!) There’s only so many options before you need to come up with something truly creative. But even though it can be a challenge, we enjoy it.

And for us, the actual present is only part of the gift. The packaging is almost as important. Think about it; isn’t it more fun to receive a fancy gift with a giant bow and sparkly paper than a gift wrapped in a plastic bag? We think so.

Enter these adorable customized gift tags!

These fun christmas gift tags are just one of the many gift tag variations we use each year to jazz up our gifts. We’re showing them to you because they are so simple and fast. We know you can make them, you will love them, and the people receiving the gifts will love them even more.

Library Card frame to honor new readers

Serious now… if you want to raise curious, imaginative, and intelligent kids they need to be readers!! I’m not joking. Gasp…I know! Hear me now—make your home a reading home!! And for gosh sakes use your local library to help!! “We are a participant in the Amazon

Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrow Craft

how cute is a mini bow and arrow?? so cute!! This tutorial is simple and easy to'll get oodles of these made up in no time!

Turn your child's handprint into a Cat in the Hat with this fun and easy clay craft. A great activity for Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Cat in the Hat handprint craft

I have always had a love for March 2nd and Dr. Seuss' birthday. I am an advocate for reading and the importance it has on our children's desire to read and learn. Dr. Seuss' birthday is always a great day in school's and libraries to bring fun

this God's Eye craft is an update on the classic craft featuring popsicle sticks and string. We added a mirror and hung them in multiples for fun decor!

God's Eye mirror craft

Today I have a craft project!! I know, ring the bells, send out the banners, it's a big day! I realized I had been talking about food, food, food lately and forgetting to give you all a bit of a craft fix from time to time. Sorry

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