How to make Party Crackers (with video tutorial)

Party crackers are an easy and fun addition to your 4th of July party. These are easy to make with common materials and you can fill them with fun toys, candy, or goodies for an extra special surprise!

NellieBellie showing how to make confetti party poppers

We use these for Fourth of July but also for New Year’s Eve and other fun events. Just change up the colors and decorations to fit the party decor.

And YES, there is a difference between party crackers and party or confetti poppers. Party crackers can be pulled from both ends and a party popper is pushed up and out. 

the supplies you need to make party poppers from NellieBellie

Confetti crackers remind me of fun and laughter. So that means they are a perfect addition for your next party. Perfect! And these ones are inexpensive and fast to make. True story!

P.S. We have a fun toilet roll haystack craft that are FAB for Thanksgiving table decor. So fun!

NellieBellie shows how to make a party popper

Often I go to the dollar store to grab my tissue paper, shredded paper, and small goodies. 

NelliBellie shows how to make a party popper

Make sure you put your treats and paper inside before you tie up those sides. Yes, I am speaking from experience ;). I’ve totally gotten into the groove of making these without realizing I haven’t put in the “innards”. 

You can find shredded paper at most dollar stores or your local Michaels. Or, if you have a paper shredded, grab some colored paper and shred it yourself. 

NellieBellie shows how to make party poppers

Use wrapping ribbon, pipe cleaners, and stickers to decorate your party popper. Or, whatever the heck you like…in fact, get the kids involved in this craft and see what they come up with!

Party Cracker Supplies: 

  1. Empty toilet paper roll
  2. Red tissue paper
  3. Confetti
  4. Red and blue shredded paper or cut ribbon
  5. Gold pipe cleaners
  6. Star stickers 

Party Cracker Instructions: 

  1. Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and wrap it around an empty toilet paper roll. Use a glue stick to secure the tissue paper in place. 
  2. Tie red and blue ribbon around one end of the tissue paper.
  3. Pour confetti into the tube through the open end. To make your own red and blue confetti, cut up tissue paper, ribbon, or paper shreds into small bits.
  4. When the cardboard roll is full, tie the open end of the tissue paper closed with red and blue ribbon.
  5. Use scissors to curl the ribbon by running the side of the ribbon over the sharp edge of a pair of scissors. Decorate each end with a gold pipe cleaner. To curl the pipe cleaner, wrap the end around a pencil and remove the pencil from the center.
  6. Decorate the tube with star stickers. 
  7. To use the confetti popper, pull hard on both ends at the same time to release the confetti. 

For more detailed instructions and variations check out our video tutorial…

YouTube video
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