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Okay…Let’s get this tour started!

As many of you know, 2 months ago we moved from our big, country house and are renting a small, city “apartment-ish”. So, getting a fall tour of my home has been a challenge because there are only a few rooms completely put away and welcoming. And frankly, there are only a few rooms :). So, welcome to my new apartment (minus bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen)…

fall home tour24

We live on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a historic boarding house in a historic town in MN. We are blessed to have the formal entrance of this historic home as our own private entrance, along with the little front porch. Baskets, pumpkins, mums, and field corn are piled about under the porch roof. Surely something will make you feel welcome in that mess of fall goodness? I wish I could have pictures that were a bit more…straight?…but alas, it’s difficult with such a tiny space!

fall home tour21

Nate had bought me the big, fabulous yellow mums right when they were first available. I love yellow. You’ll see :) I added a sweet little scarecrow to the mums. The pumpkin has Washi Tape stripes and a thumbtack monogram, very easy to do! The pumpkin and mums look great against the old vine, don’t you think?

fall home tour22

I dipped the basket in white and added an orange stripe for a candy corn look. The pumpkin on top lights up (which would be great if this old house had any outdoor electric outlets!) as does the little Precious Moments girl, a gift from my children a few years past.  I passed on a traditional fall wreath and instead strung up 3 wreaths and 3 pinecones in a sort of mobile.  A much cheaper option and I feel…more whimsical.

fall home tour25

For another happy, smiling touch I added foam pumpkins to a plastic flag pennant. It’s a wee bit tacky, but in a terribly wonderful way…don’t you think!

Now that you’ve sat about on my porch awhile, let’s head inside…

fall home tour20

I have had this H for quite some time. It’s made from a paper maiche letter, paint, and thumbtacks. It is one of my favorite crafts ever! I hung it on my front door with a couple pinecone’s and can’t think of anything better to greet friends and family! Do you feel greeted?

fall home tour26

Did I mention this is an old boarding house? And we have the formal entry? This little area is priceless to us as a mud-room.  Here you’ll find an orange velvet vintage chair holding a tool box full of leaves, the perfect place to take off your rainboots. You’ll find a makeshift table with a cupcake tin filled with pinecones, and a pretty clay jar with tacky silk flowers. I hung vintage photo’s on the old wallpaper, and added my mock cross-stitch with twine wrapped frames.

fall home tour27

Now that you’ve stopped and taken off your shoes, put your umbrella in the basket, and thought… “wow…how tacky to have silk flowers! dang…that’s a lovely vase” let’s head upstairs to our apartment…

fall home tour28

I know…right!!!???!!! Those coffee filter topiaries are amazing! Oh wait…were you talking about the window? Yeah, that’s pretty great too. Because this window is so terribly fantastic, I kept it simple with coffee filter topiaries, pinecones, and dollar store leaves. I LOVE this little stop on the staircase! (Although…this entire entry has no electric outlets, and therefore…no proper lights for photo’s! Sorry for the poor lighting!)

fall home tour29

Now that we have stopped on the little landing to look at my coffee filter topiaries, let’s head up the staircase. Yes, the carpet needs to be replaced. Do they even still sell that color? But, guess what…it’s a rental…I don’t have to worry about it *grinning*. And, who cares about the carpet with a staircase like this!! For realz!

I have NEVER decorated a staircase before. I have a feeling I could spend a fortune in lighting and garland! But, for simplicity and budget I strung rope, foam pumpkins, and dollar store leaves. I also took a small wreath and pipecleaner pumpkin and put it at the front of the bannister. I feel like each stair should have a pumpkin on it, don’t you? But, holy cow!, that would be alot of pumpkins! (p.s. you know how I work-out lately? yup…stair walking. no need for a gym :)) (p.p.s. there is another set of stairs that goes to the third floor :))

Let’s head upstairs and into the living room, shall we?

fall home tour8

To say I love this room is just far too mild of a statement. I truly love this! And, decked out for fall it is just the coziest, most lovely space in the galaxy! Grab a pillow and blanket, get comfy and let’s talk…

fall home tour2

I made several dozen pipe-cleaner pumpkins and strung them up on twine. You can see a set on the easel behind the couch (the CUTEST picture of kids…ever! of course, they are mine.). Remember how I said I love yellow? I do, truly. Most of these yellow items were already here. I added a couple more items for this tour. But, yellow and navy are the colors of choice.

fall home tour6

When you don’t have a large budget (or any budget) for decorating for fall, remember layers. Layer, layer, layer. I covered the couch with a vintage wool blanket, a giant body pillow, a striped vintage pillow, and a lovely burlap pillow (from Kijsa Studio). I love the way this feels…all cozy and ready for apple cider!

fall home tour3fall home tour4

Washi tape and leaves are a fun addition to the lamp! And tip…ALWAYS put pinecones on candle holders when fall comes around. It’s such an easy and fun addition to your fall decor!

fall home tour

I don’t have a mantel, or shelf, or anything like that to put a wreath on or over . So…I used Washi Tape and made a feature wall, of sorts. I had a giant basket that was perfect for fall decor that I hung on the wall, added my magazine wreath on top of the basket (talking layers again!), and one of my pipe-cleaner pumpkins on top of the magazine wreath. It’s a bit kooky, for sure, but…it’s one of my favorite things! (notice the little tipsy pumpkin tower)

fall home tour5fall home tour7

Bread bowls and colanders…oh my!

fall home tour9

Before we head into the eating nook for a Perfect Latte let me show you the t.v. wall…

A quilt made by my sister hangs behind the t.v., and you’ll find my bear skull, deer antler, pinecones, and a family picture atop a wood slice. A gorgeous, giant basket holds my vintage blankets and another string of pipe-cleaner pumpkins is strung along the t.v. I certainly won’t win awards for the most magazine-worthy vignette but I’m smiling and happy seeing my fall elements put together. And, I hope that you are you to! Ready for that latte?

fall home tour10

I would show you the rest of my kitchen but…mmm…can we say messy! But, seriously, turn around and walk 3 steps and you are at the back wall. Turn and walk 3 more steps…other wall. You get it? It’s tiny. But, we do have this wonderful, wonderful little eating nook. I truly love this little corner.

So, have a seat…

fall home tour15

I can’t make a beautiful table setting to save my life. But…I CAN make a table that is fun and wonderful to be at!! And this is one of my favorites ever! When I think of fall, I think of family, food, cozy, warmth, and love and I wanted the table to feel that way as well. Once again, layers! I layered brown paper on top of a sheet I had painted. Bright pillows are fun and add color. I love using pillows in my dining area, I think they are cozy and make it feel a bit more special!

fall home tour16(for this picture I had forgotten silverware…yep, you heard me. good thing I am not a professional!)

I pulled every fruit and vegetable from my kitchen and piled them on my table in various dishes. I put a couple of bunches of flowers from Trader Joes into a roasting pan.  More coffee filter topiaries are on the table to add a bit of height. There is nothing better than fruits, veggies, and flowers for the table!

fall home tour11fall home tour12 fall home tour14

fall home tour13

I put 5 plain gray canvases on the wall so that I can switch out the objects hung on them as often as I like. For fall, I have coffee filter flowers and pipe cleaner pumpkins. I think of it as object art :).

Well, thank you so much for coming to my home! I hope this fall is your best ever…full of love, family, and warmth!! Sending blessings and love your way from the NellieBellie family...

364_36476577591_2177_n(this photo is about 5 years old … boo. but, it’s one of my favorites!)


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