5 Simple Tips to Help You Stay Warm This Winter

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Living in Minnesota has its advantages, for sure. Like the gorgeous scenery after a fresh snowfall. Or, building snowmen with your kids! However, the disadvantage is pretty bad... the cold! It can be crazy cold during a Minnesota winter!

But, I've learned that staying cozy during the winter doesn't have to be terribly hard. Nor does it need to be terribly expensive. These are simple ways I beat the cold each winter...even the MN cold!

1. Check the weather for the day.
Take a few moments in the morning to check your weather app for that day's weather. After you see what the weather will bring take the additional time to plan appropriately. Some ways I prepare on winter days:
- throwing my heels into my bag and wearing snow boots.
- upgrading from my "pretty" winter coat to my parka.
- throwing a scarf around my neck.
- skipping the skirt and tights in favor of pants.

2. Throws and blankets.
The minute the weather changes you will find me reaching into my closet and pulling out my collection of blankets and throws. I put them everywhere! Blankets and throws are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace so I am not shy with using them. I put them on almost every seating location, on the end of every bed, and even in the kitchen. A special tip: when it comes time to restock your collection look for soft blankets for your living spaces and wool blankets for the end of your beds.

- throw an inexpensive blanket into the backseat of your car for the kiddo's.
- a worn quilt is a great addition to a kitchen bench or chair.
- and don't forget the office! Bring a warm throw to use when you are eyeballs deep in reports!

3. Cozy drinks.
Admittedly I have a cozy drink station in my home all year long. I'm a bit coffee-obsessed. For those of you that may be a bit more reasonable in your coffee relationship, you might want to set up a cozy drink station for the winter months. Gather hot chocolate, coffee, and tea making supplies and place them in a visible location. Be sure to include cute mugs, treats, and marshmallows. Your kids can make themselves a cozy drink after school and warm up from the inside out!

- use packets of hot cocoa and tea to keep it easy and compact.
- individual packets of flavored creamer and sugar are a fun and easy addition.
- fun perks like stir-sticks, to-go coffee cups, and cute napkins can make life easier for you and be a fun, unique addition to your station

Caramel Cardamom Latte

4. Warm the floor.
The minute your feet hit the floor you can feel the chill in the air, can't you. Beat that! Don't let a chilly floor tell your brain that you are cold. Use throw rugs and slippers to keep your feet toasty and, therefore, your whole self more toasty. I have an area rug in my living room and dining room all year long but add small, inexpensive, throw rugs in front of every sink, in front of the stove, and by each bed. These rugs are inexpensive rag rugs I grab from my local big-box store but they make all the difference to my toes.

- put an inexpensive rug at the side of every bed. Bonus points if you set slippers next to it!
- consider giving each person in the home soft socks for "house use". Often those that won't wear slipper will wear special socks.
- if you have hardwood, tile, or concrete floors consider getting a runner or two for the portions of the floor that are the paths. Having that warmth underfoot will feel far warmer than the wood, tile, or concrete!

5. Make sure your furnace is in good working order.
It sounds boring compared to a cozy beverage station but being sure that your furnace is in good order is important. A simple check can make all the difference in the world between a well-functioning furnace that makes your home cozy and a poorly-functioning furnace that makes you want to move to the equator.

- Replace your air filters
- Listen for unusual banging or rattling
- Check for dust or dirt on the vent pipe

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