SunRoom Makeover – proof that paint is magic!

I’m going to keep this simple and skip the chit chat. We moved about a month ago to an 1880 home. This sunroom was the first room I’ve finished. This is the listing picture and the way it looked when we moved in…


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The room was dated, the carpet a bit dingy, and the whole thing was really not my style. So, I put some elbow grease, creativity, and paint into the room and we are now looking at this…


Such an improvement…right!

We are still working on what we want to do for the flooring so I simply painted the plywood floors, for now. I used Sherwin Williams Tricone Black in their Emerald paint and love it! Their Sea Salt is on the walls (my new favorite color!), and white is on the back of the fireplace. Isn’t it amazing what paint can do!


Oh hey, I made those shutters! I still need to paint the board they are mounted to (I’m SICK of painting right now and am just dealing with it) but am loving them! They are completely usable thanks to black gate hinges that also add a lovely bit of charm.


Ugh, I already need to dust that fireplace, don’t I! This is another place that paint did miracles! I used the same Sherwin Williams Tricone Black paint that I used on the floor and painted the tile surround and the paneling around the fireplace surround. This made that fireplace more grand and gave it much-needed symmetry.


That puppy loves laying out here and soaking up the warm sun!

I grabbed that pool open sign years ago at an auction…it’s the original, off the public pool in Grantsburg, WI (WI friends…you’ll love that!). Again, that paint color is swoon worthy!


There was an awkward window between the house and the sunroom. I’m sure it was original to the exterior of the home and when they built the sunroom they just left it. I really did struggle with what to do with it but, ultimately, decided on a bar. This has been working great during football games to extend the entertaining space and serve treats and drinks.

The bar is a simple board and brackets. Simple and effective.


We have never had a pool or hot tub and are loving it, so far. We will see how much we love it after we get the energy bill. And figuring out the chemicals? Oi! That is crazy stuff! But sitting out here in the hot tub at night with the twinkle lights on, the candles lit, and a drink in hand might be one of the best ways to relax…ever.


So cute! That table is from the eating nook in our 900 square foot cottage, the outdoor chairs weren’t in use until we get an outdoor space figured out so I stole them for now. I picked up the rug and chair pillows from Target on clearance. Really…that Target clearance can be good stuff!


Can you believe that about 6 inches on either side of that fireplace is just part of the wall. Amazing what painting that whole section black did, isn’t it! I’m planning on painting out the brass still but…priorities. The living room is up on the list and the brass will just wait. I’m looking forward to the living room revamp!

Products used:

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint in Tricone Black
Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint in Sea Salt
Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint in Extra White
Shelf brackets: similar to THESE on Amazon

2 thoughts on “SunRoom Makeover – proof that paint is magic!”

  1. Having the light paint on the walls and the trusses, with the sun coming through the panels makes it looks so much better. The original gray walls in the before made it looks so squatty with the beige trusses. Great job.

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