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on the go breakfast station You know what happens on a normal school day morning with a 9th grader? Not much. Truly. They barely roll themselves out of bed in the morning with enough time to properly clean themselves, know what day of the week it is, and put their clothes on right side out. Getting a decent breakfast definitely falls into the category of “don’t care”.

This post has been sponsored by Nature Valley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sleep is a great commodity to a teenager and they will sacrifice anything for it. Even getting that decent breakfast in their belly. They are just not awake enough to register their hunger and definitely not awake enough to do anything about it.

This is my second high school er and I feel I am wiser about breakfast the second time around. Hence the breakfast station sitting right by the door. If Levi doesn’t have time to sit down at the table for breakfast…he grabs something to go.

I stock the station with easy grab and go food and everyday basics like ibuprofen, pencils, mints, and a notebook that him and I use to write reminders.

Items in our breakfast station:

  • Nature Valley Soft-Baked Filled Oatmeal Squares (Honey Peanut Butter is a favorite!)
  • Nature Valley Layered Granola Nut Bar (Peanut Butter Chocolate!! yum!)
  • Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bars (a classic!)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Ibuprofen (equate brand is our go-to!)
  • Mints
  • Pencils
  • Notebook and pen to communicate with
  • Waters
  • Other favorite easy breakfast ideas

Note: These are items we can easily find at Walmart (the Nature Valley Soft-baked Filled Squares and Layered Granola Nut Bars are actually a new product!) , are tasty, and keep your breakfast station stocked without stress.

This little breakfast station is a life-saver! On the busiest days where Levi doesn’t have time to sit at the table for breakfast he grabs a Nature Valley Bar (I’m grateful for all of the options they offer so he can have variety!), apple, and check the note I wrote him while racing out the door to grab the bus.

It eliminates the need for me to constantly nag him to grab something to eat, figure out how to make breakfast portable, and even think about after school snacks (he will grab something extra for his bag if he has an after school activity.)

This little spot is also where we pass necessary forms, notes about rides and clubs, needed school items, and more. So efficient!

If you have kids in school…make a little breakfast station. Perhaps it won’t be for breakfast but for snacks, instead. Regardless, getting your kids in the habit of stopping by the door to check the station will work great for communicating, keeping forms where they will find them, and make sure they are having great snacks easily available!

Creating this breakfast station is as simple as heading to your local Walmart, gathering Nature Valley Bars, fresh fruit, a notebook and pen, putting the items in a small basket set by the door. Simple and effective!

You’ll love feeling more organized in the morning!

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  1. This is a great idea. I’m a new parent to the school process this year (besides preschool last year). I have one daughter in Kindergarten, one daughter in Preschool, and the 3rd daughter not old enough for school. I know how crazy mornings can be getting my oldest ready for school. I’m always looking for options for her. One of her favorites is Eggo’s french toast sticks. I better not ever be out of them in the freezer.

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