Living Room Makeover: Tiny Home

Full Disclosure: I received product from Sherwin-Williams and Lamps Plus for this project. Thanks guys!! Guys, both of these brands are fantastic and should be top picks for your own homes! Find our full disclosure here.

I’ve been making some really exciting changes and updates to my living room and it’s really coming together. It’s like a mini living room makeover — it looks like a whole new room! The amazing part is I’ve been able to stay well under my budget of $1000—and that even includes a new couch, a new lamp, a great DIY coffee table, AND a fresh coat of paint!

I really wanted to make a bunch of small changes, but for maximum impact.

I love the color of the living room, and I honestly think the paint is what makes all the difference. We went with Poised Taupe from Sherwin-Williams on the walls and Sherwin-Williams Dovetail on the trim. TOTAL game-changer.

And can we just talk for a second about the amazing lamp, too?  That came from Lamps Plus (one of my favorite resources for great lighting!) We also added some seating in the bay window area and I made the DIY coffee table (click here for tutorial!).


Here’s the Before photos (from the listing):
living room - before photo, listing furniture

living room - before photo, listing furniture






Before photos (from after we just moved in, so this is with our furniture):
living room - before photo, our furniture

living room - before photo, our furniture

living room - before photo, our furniture

living room - before photo, our furniture
















Here are the After photos! (Notice the awesome lamp finally in its proper home!):

living room makeover - after photo with new couch, window seating


living room makeover - after photo with new couch and new lamp

It’s amazing what the faux transom did to add height to the room and really open things up. We’ve also been accenting with copper touches, including a curtain rod made from a copper pipe.

living room makeover - after photo with new couch, transom


living room makeover - after photo, transom closeup

Our window-seat model is feeling quite at home (as you can see below).

living room makeover - after photo, window seating closeup


living room makeover - after photo, copper pipe curtain rod

Note the copper curtain rod above! I love the look of copper with grey. It adds a touch of rustic, but still looks homey. Below, don’t miss a closer view of THE lamp from Lamps Plus.

living room makeover - after photo, new Lamps Plus lamp closeup

So what do you think? It feels so much warmer and more homey now! I can’t wait to sit in the bay window seats and relax (but first, on to the next project)!

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2 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover: Tiny Home”

  1. Thank you!!! Yes, the window makes for difficulty with furniture placement. Here in MN… snow! Finally, though. My kids have been complaining about the lack of snow for several weeks now. Me, I’m loving it ;)

  2. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    It looks great! I love what you did with the large window. We have a HUMONGOUS bay window that I wish were smaller. The rooms aren’t that big and the windows take over. The color is beautiful. Can’t wait to see your next project. Have a good weekend. Today is our last “in the seventies” day. Indiana temp is going to plummet :-(

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