10 quick bathroom updates | Small Space Decorating

10 easy and simple updates you can make to give your small bathroom a quick refesher!

Are you feeling like your bathroom is getting a bit dingy lately but you just don't have the time, energy, or money to do a full update? Maybe you can't imagine finding the time to pull out the paint brush? We hear ya! Today we have 10 Simple and Quick small bathroom updates you can do in minutes to give your bathroom a fresh feeling and hold you over until you get the time and money to do that full update. Knock a couple of these off your list this weekend!

One of the worst and best parts of a small bathroom is how quickly you notice the things that need updating but also how quickly you can make improvements!

Here are 10 quick small bathroom updates to get that done on a Saturday afternoon:


  1. Candles, flowers, and a pretty frame are a great addition to bathroom updates! It helps if the candle smells delicious, the flowers don’t require watering, and the picture has fabulous people in it. You probably have those lying around your house somewhere and can simply repurpose them to your bathroom. In a small bathroom, you need to keep these items small. Perhaps even find a way to install a small shelf to hold a candle and frame. Perhaps a hanging plant can fit into a small corner.
  2. Replace your bathroom hardware. Even if your drawers don't need it, it will make you happy to walk into your bathroom and see something fresh and new. If you have a small bathroom, think about using some fun and colorful hardware for added interest.
  3. A new shower curtain and bath rug are seriously the quickest updates around, especially in small bathrooms! Watch for shower curtains on sale and clearance (or make one!) Don’t overlook indoor/outdoor rugs…they can be a cheap and fun alternative to the traditional bath rugs. Rugs are great for bathroom updates and give a great pop of color or pattern.
  4. New hand towels in a fun color give you some bang for your buck! And of course, pick up some delicious hand soap. If your pump is gross...grab a new one!
  5. Please please…put some toilet paper somewhere visible. If someone visits your house for that delicious cake you promised and go use the restroom only to find…gasp! no toilet paper!…sigh. Be a friend, make it visible. Thanks. You can use a pretty basket, a giant clear vase, or put a roll on the back of the toilet!
  6. If you have a removable mirror over your sink, think about updating it. It will be clean, fresh, and make your entire bathroom look different. If you have a built in vanity perhaps a quick coat of paint is in order?
  7. Change out your towel holders. Update the dingy hardware with new or even DIY your own.
  8. Get some jars for some of your supplies like q-tips and cotton balls to put on your counter. Update your storage to a prettier option.
  9. For more storage, add a hanging rack or shoe organizer (hey...have you seen our shoe organizer planter?) to the back of your bathroom door. You can use this to put towels, lotions, or other things your counter might not have room for (or that you don't want to worry about).
  10. Or maybe, none of these are for you and you just need to clean your bathroom. If that's the case, here are some cleaning hacks.

Take a few moments this weekend to check some of these updates off of your list and give your bathroom a bit of a freshening. We know we will be!


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