Entry Reveal

Put a fork in it, our mudroom/entry remodel is done. Thank goodness! We turned this long, awkward space that was always disorganized and messy into a beautiful and useable entryway perfect for storage, organization, and dropping backpacks.

To remind you of the starting point when we bought this house…

When we moved in this space was being used as the dining room.
See the dining room now (hint…it’s a new location, altogether!)
And the kitchen remodel (which is why the dining room needed to be relocated.)

And the starting point from when we began this project. This point is after the sliding door entry had been relocated out of the kitchen, the kitchen had been expanded, and the dining room relocated.

The projects that made the biggest difference in this space are ones that aren’t immediately obvious.

  1. We added a proper door where there used to only be a pass-through.
    A tutorial for how we turned a budget friendly hollow door into this beauty is coming soon! Sooo good!
  2. We insulated and beadboarded the wall to the outside porch.
  3. We added proper window treatments (guys, in a neighborhood…this was huge!). These are simple, cordless faux wood blinds that we had custom cut to fit the windows.
  4. Homemade leather plant hanger. It isn’t anything fancy but I made the hanger with some fun knotting skills and leather strips.

You can open any of these images by simply clicking on the image.

And, of course, the projects that are obvious improvements are…

  1. We installed beautiful new Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile from Armstrong Flooring. We have a post How To Install Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile if you are interested in trying it for yourself.
  2. We built a large cubby system complete with hooks and baskets. This project won’t have a tutorial coming because it wasn’t terribly cut and dry. Our home is from 1880 with very little that is true and easy. These cubbies were eyeballed far too many times. However, Pinterest has a good number of tutorials to follow!
  3. I created that beautiful stenciled focal wall! That stenciled wall is so good, isn’t it! The stencil was provided by Cutting Edge Stencil and is a beautiful and unexpected pattern for the space. The Must-Have Guide for Stenciling a Wall has all the tips and tricks you need to have success yourself!
  4. That light! That light completely changes the space in an easy and effective way. Although that specific light sold out, you can find a similar one…Star Pendant currently on sale!

You can open any of these images in a large form by simply clicking on the image.

This space is now beautiful AND completely organized for a busy family. We have space for coats, boots & shoes, dog gear, backpacks, hats & gloves, and all the things that Minnesota winter brings. But the best part is that the space looks STUNNING while functioning so well.

Beautiful entry update with custom built cubbies, stenciled focal wall, new peel and stick Vinyl tile floor, and  star pendant light.
The color of the cubbies takes on a purple hue in some light and a beautiful gray in others. Poised Taupe was the Sherwin Williams 2017 color of the year for good reason.

Tell me, what is your favorite part?

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4 thoughts on “Entry Reveal”

  1. It absolutely is! Which is the goal, after all. I love pretty rooms but gosh…they have to be lived in, too!

  2. I really like this room transformation – not only does it look good, but it seems to be way more organized and easy to use :)

  3. Angela | MidModernMama

    What a lovely, functional space! And I just love the wallpaper. Cheers to a great challenge!

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