Mudroom/Entry – One Room Challenge

Never have I ever…participated in the One Room Challenge. This is going to be fun! One room remodeled in 4 weeks. Crazy.

We chose to tackle our kitchen entry and intend to turn it into a proper mudroom entry area with cubbies, new floor, updated lighting and paint, and an additional door.

This area is right along our kitchen and, when we bought the house, was being used as part of a large eat-in kitchen. Slowly we have been redefining the spaces in the house and giving them proper purposes and thought (check out the updates our kitchen got–so good!).

We already added a new door to this area (the home was previously entered through a sliding door into the kitchen, not ideal) which is why there is some demo already done on that side.

Some inspiration we are working off for this space include …

We are going in a very similar direction to these cubbies and bench that Blogs by Aria posted. I’m loving the simplicity and function of this set up. We will, however, make different material choices.

I am excited to work with Cutting Edge Stencils on this project and stenciling their tropical leaf pattern to the back wall. You guys hang on..the colors I have planned are soooo good.

First week we will be:

  1. Demo the current space completely by moving the armoire to its new home, pulling up the vinyl, and removing any trim.-done.
  2. Adding a door frame and door.-we spent $60 on a simple door and will be adding trim to “fancy it up”. -done.
  3. Adding the bead board to the walls.
  4. Purchasing materials for floor and frame.

Second week:

  1. Repairing the subfloor and installing new floors through the entry/mudroom. Watch for this tutorial on using inexpensive vinyl tile for a high-end look!
  2. Building the frame for the bench and hook storage.

Third week:

  1. Replacing, repairing, and adding all trim to the walls, bench, doors, and windows.
  2. Painting the bench and hook storage, trim, doors, and walls.

Fourth week:

  1. Stenciling the wall in a fun tropical Cutting Edge Stencil.
  2. Adding a new light. (I’m shopping my favorite low-cost lights for this.)
  3. Staining the new bench.
  4. Adding the finishing touches.

Whoa…we are crazy people! Jobs, kids, fall, AND trying to tackle all of this?

Did I mention we have a $500 budget. All in. Swallow hard. Yikes!

You don’t want to miss this. We will have great tutorials for you to take to your own home! We will have all the budget decorating tips for you!

Stop by every Friday for updates! And follow along on Instagram where I’ll have a TON more updates and live video!

3 thoughts on “Mudroom/Entry – One Room Challenge”

  1. The white is Alabaster from Sherwin Williams…it’s my favorite white and used all over my house :).

  2. Welcome! I can’t wait to follow along. Enjoy the process and I’ll see you next week.



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