easy Shoe Organizer Vertical Indoor Garden

This project is a fabulous way to get air-purifying plants into a small space without taking up valuable real estate. Using a vertical shoe organizer allows you to get a whole heap of fabulous greenery in your home in a very compact way. Use this idea for a kitchen herb garden, a little girl’s flower garden, or your favorite house plants. The sky is the limit!

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Step 1:

Make your organizer watertight so that you won’t have drips of water all over your floor everytime you water your plants by covering the back of your organizer in multiple layers of outdoor ModPodge (or clear shipping tape) to make it watertight.

Step 2:

Fill your pockets with soil and plants (a list of some great purifying plants is at the bottom of this post!). This could get a bit messy, cover your floor, and be ready with a vacuum. Think about if you are going to fill every pocket or leave a few empty. (we left many of the pockets empty to clip photos to the front of. )

Tip: invest in moisture-control soil to help extend the time between waterings. And always remember that cacti & succulents prefer different soil than traditional house plants.

Step 3:

Vacuum your mess, hang your new hanger on the door, and clip photo’s to it (if you so choose!). Now, if you use a vine you can use clothes pins  to help that vine “climb” your shoe hanger.

Some house plants that purify the air:

  • Spider Plants
  • English Ivy
  • Aloe
  • Gerber daisy
  • Snake Plant
  • Golden Pothos
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Heart leaf philodendron

A few tips about great soil for your vertical garden space:

  • add a layer of gravel to the very bottom of the pockets, for drainage
  • adding a very small amount of charcoal (the kind you find for terrariums) will help keep these plants from over-drying

Isn’t this a charming and useful way to brighten up a small space! I plan on adding another of these to my bathroom, really soon.

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1 thought on “easy Shoe Organizer Vertical Indoor Garden”

  1. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Good grief!! You didn’t go for just a fresh “do” you went for a full make over. I almost didn’t recognize your site. Now I really love live plants. Unfortunately, we leave for months at a time. It’s not conducive to raising living things. Now, I would gladly put living greens in our house — if you will volunteer to water. In December we forgot to take our Bay bush and Norfolk Island Pine to our kid’s house to plant sit. We ended up taking them to Florida with us. I was not going to let them die — like our poor lime and lemon tree did. But our lemon and lime trees were six feet plus. We couldn’t have gotten them into the car. :-(

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