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Make your own home decor and save money AND personalize you home exactly how you like!

10 quick bathroom updates | Small Space Decorating

Are you feeling like your bathroom is getting a bit dingy lately but you just don't have the time, energy, or money to do a full update? Maybe you can't imagine finding the time to pull out the paint brush? We hear ya! Today we have 10

easy Shoe Organizer Vertical Indoor Garden

This project is a fabulous way to get air-purifying plants into a small space without taking up valuable real estate. Using a vertical shoe organizer allows you to get a whole heap of fabulous greenery in your home in a very compact way.

you need to know this easy hack for creating beautiful gallery walls without adding tons of unnecessary nails!

fool-proof Gallery Wall/Plate Wall hack

Many of us want a beautiful home just like what we see on Pinterest and in magazines. We know it's terribly unrealistic and most likely those homes either have a live-in maid, no real people that live there, or are immediately messy after the photo shoots. But

Serve crackers with jam & cheese in style with this beautiful DIY copper handled serving tray. This DIY project is easy and fun, and it makes a great gift!

DIY Copper Handled Serving Tray

I am absolutely, positively certain that you can make this adorable tray. It is SO easy. And, do we even have to talk about taking a trip to Target to get delicious treats to put on it. In case you need an excuse to make a cute copper handled serving tray I have need something to serve all the yummy appetizers on for all of the holiday parties you plan on having. Check it out!

GIVEAWAY-Creating a Reading Nook for kids

Disclosure: Levi received a free lounger and pillow to review as participation in this giveaway and Brentwood Home partnership. But, as you can always expect from NellieBellie, I love this company and believe you will too! Find our full disclosure here. My kids have grown up having their

living room makeover - tiny home

Living Room Makeover: Tiny Home

Full Disclosure: I received product from Sherwin-Williams and Lamps Plus for this project. Thanks guys!! Guys, both of these brands are fantastic and should be top picks for your own homes! Find our full disclosure here. I've been making some really exciting changes and updates to my living

DIY coffee table - finished

DIY Coffee Table

Creating this DIY coffee table was WAY easier than I thought it would be! Here's how you can make one, too...

SunRoom Makeover - proof that paint is magic!

I'm going to keep this simple and skip the chit chat. We moved about a month ago to an 1880 home. This sunroom was the first room I've finished. This is the listing picture and the way it looked when we moved in... “We are a participant

repurposed cabinet door into a coat rack

Repurposed cabinet doors into a charming coat rack. Three easy steps to repurpose vintage your new cabinet doors into a charming, useful coat rack.

diy faux vertical succulent planter

Make this faux succulent planter with easy to follow steps. Use a vintage printer drawer or other container. You got this!

a 900 square foot home with a family of 4 use a corner nook full of character and charm.

Tiny home tour-kitchen nook.

I'll be giving you glimpses into my tiny home a bit at a time in the weeks to come. I want you to see that it is perfectly possible to have a practical AND beautiful home that is tiny in stature but big in living. Not that

Cheap flooring ideas and area rugs to DIY.

Cheap Flooring Ideas for the DIY-er

We are renting now and so, I have little need to worry about replacing flooring or carpet. That is a wonderful thing! However, I know many of you might be thinking and planning, looking for some creative and cheap flooring ideas. And, although I don't have to

Make a renter friendly photo display for your wall. A easy tutorial with simple and easy to find materials. This is great for renters because you only need one nail and can hang alot of pictures!

DIY Photo Display Board

This DIY Photo display board is easy to make and looks amazing for display photos without damaging them! A great idea for renters, as well! Part of our of our 30 for $30 High Impact Projects Anyone Can Make series.

renting solutions: the only 20 essentials you need for a small kitchen

Renting Solutions: essential supplies for a small kitchen

Today I'm going to give you the list of what I have in my small rental kitchen and maybe it will help you stock your small kitchen. Or, simplify the one you have. Yes, you may have to wash a dish twice when baking. Or, take a bit more time. But...there is no reason why you can't make fabulous dishes and treats just because you have a small kitchen! And, of course...each person likes different things. So, you may need to add your own item. Or take away one of mine.

Full and easy tutorial for a pipe paper towel and cleaner holder by This is so easy to make and how great would that be to keep stuff organized!

DIY Paper Towel holder (industrial pipe)

  I am forever looking for the paper towel roll and cleaner bottle around the kitchen. They both get set down after being used, wherever that happens to be, often not together. You'll find the paper towels stashed in the storage container drawer and the cleaner stashed

Why chalkpaint is great, tips for using it, and a video tutorial on how to make chalkpaint!

How to make Chalk Paint

“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” Find our full disclosure here. If you aren't into making your own chalk paint I recommend

Make a DIY game board from a tablecloth.

Picnic Blanket Game Board

This is an easy tutorial to turn an extra sheet or clearance tablecloth into a game board tablecloth that is great for picnics! Makes a great gift idea!

How to make an octopus coat hook

This makes the top list because it is such a simple idea that can be useful to pretty much anyone. We also love how easy it is to customize this craft to make it suit your personality.

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