DIY Paper Towel holder (industrial pipe)

Full and easy tutorial for a DIY paper towel holder by This is so easy to make and how great would that be to keep stuff organized!


I am forever looking for the paper towel roll and cleaner bottle around the kitchen. They both get set down after being used, wherever that happens to be, often not together. You’ll find the paper towels stashed in the storage container drawer and the cleaner stashed under the sink. Or the cleaner next to the sink and the paper towels on the table. It gets annoying. You’d think with such a small house it would be easier to keep track of something used so often! This DIY paper towel holder combines practicality and pretty and solves my problem. Because we live in a small space, I’m a big believer in the things I use every day being both beautiful AND practical.

My paper towel and cleaner holder does a bit of both… being beautiful and being practical. You pick which you think it is the most. I might be a bit bias to the beautiful side :).

materials needed for a pipe paper towel holder.

Don’t be scared by this material list. These items are easy to find at your big-box home improvement store or hardware store. They will cost you about $15.00 and you’ll finish this product in under 30 minutes. Truly!

Pipe Paper Towel holder materials:

Cost: About $15.00 (give or take what you use)
Time: About 20 minutes (taking the labels off the pipe is the longest!)
Tools needed: Screwdriver
Skill level: Beginner (this is easy!)
Supplies (bring this list and hand over to the guys at the hardware store):

  • 1– 18inch (or longer) by 4inch (or wider) board.
  • 2– 12 inch long by 1/2 inch galvanized pipe
  • 2–3 inch  long by 1/2 inch galvanized pipe
  • 2–1/2 inch glavanized floor flange
  • 1–1/2 inch glavanized tee
  • 3–1/2 galvanized cap (optional)

Note: I had a few extra pipes lying around that I could put together instead of using the second 12-inch long pipe. So, mine looks a bit different than yours will. My board was a piece for a shelf that was found in the clearance section. Don’t over-think the board too much…just get what works for you and is roughly 18 inches by 4 inches, give or take.

full and easy tutorial for making a pipe paper towel holder

pipe paper towel holder

pipe paper towel holder

full and easy tutorial for pipe paper towel holder

Pipe Paper Towel holder instructions:

  1. If you like, paint the base (I took my Sharpies to it for a fun touch)
  2. Attach the floor flanges to the board with wood screws about 1 inch from either side of the board (adjust this based on the size of your board) being sure to have enough room between the paper towel holder and the cleaner holder.
  3. Screw the 12 inch pipes into the flanges.
  4. Screw the Tee piece to the cleaner 12 inch pipe.
  5. Screw in the 3 inch pieces on either side of the Tee.
  6. Attach the caps to all exposed threads (top of the paper towel pipe, 3 inch cleaner holder pieces)

Full and easy tutorial for a pipe paper towel holder. This is so easy to make and how great would that be to keep stuff organized!
Get yourself some fabulous smelling cleaners for your new pipe paper towel holder that only took you about 30 minutes and looks freaking AWESOME! Go you!! Seriously, projects like this are my jam. Big time!

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