repurposed cabinet door into a coat rack

Hey all! I’m in the groove. The groo-00-ve! Today is a special day because not only do I have a simple and fantastic project that you’ll want to do for your own home but I also am honored to partner up with Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities on it.

Habitat for Humanityhas a soft spot in my heart. As a youth director for years and years and years, I am very familiar with their organization and participated in many fundraisers and events to help promote/fund their projects. I’ve seen them build homes and give them to families in need in my own community. What they do for families is outstanding and I’m proud to tell you all about their new store that just opened in Minneapolis, MN on Minnehaha Ave.

I was lucky enough to grab a sneak peek of the new store prior to it’s grand opening and scout out all the stuff. There were such great items! Today I wanted to show you how I repurposed cabinet doors that I fell in love with!

Repurposed cabinet doors into a charming coat rack in 3 easy steps! A DIY anyone can do!
These vintage cabinet doors don’t have a matching cabinet…they are on their own. But gosh, they are just lovely! So, I took a few simple steps and transformed the cabinet doors into something that can be displayed and used. Repurposed cabinet door coat rack. Whew, a rather long title for such a simple project. 3 easy steps to create this repurposed cabinet door coat rack!

This project is quite simple:

  1. Find a cabinet door you wish to repurpose
  2. Attach coat hangers to the center (or 2 coat hangers for rectangular doors)
  3. Mount hanging hardware (make sure it can handle heavy loads–you’ll have hanging coats!)
  4. Attach it to the wall.

Note: There really is no wrong way about this project. You can leave the cabinet door as is like I did (I didn’t want to touch all that vintage patina!) or you can paint the cabinet door. Some might like to add a piece of wood to the top of the door for a small shelf. Or, you may want to stencil or add decoration to the cabinet door. This project is open for all sorts of uses and finishes! Complicate it, if you like, or keep it simple…it’s all up to you!


The repurposed cabinet doors into coat racks! Super charming and simple DIY
In other news, check out that light switch plate that I tried to hide with the plant :). When we first looked at this house it had 31 lighthouse decor items in it and that was AFTER we had gone through many of the rooms and finally thought of counting the lighthouses. I noticed this one after I had taken pictures of the coat rack. Seriously, how does one become so immune to lighthouses that you don’t notice that sort of a switch plate just hanging out on the wall? Well then, that needs to be changed :).

This room, the living room, is next on the list for a complete refresher and I can’t can’t wait to get my hands on it! Those white walls are on their way out!


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  1. I have that same lighthouse switch plate! Other than mine has two switches and yours has one. It is in a room with a nautical theme though. Weird for it to be the same plate.

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