personalized no-sew drop cloth curtains

Drop cloth curtains are no-sew and a great option for kids' rooms!! Customize with Sharpies and they will love them!

These drop cloth curtains received a lot of comments when I showed you all Levi’s room redo of awesome! And rightfully so…they are fantastic!! They are a great kid’s room idea because your children can customize them to their hearts content with Sharpies! My version are no-sew (sewing is not in my vocabulary), doodled on by Levi, and hung with simple Ikea wire and clips.

materials needed for the drop cloth curtains: a great kid's room idea!


DIY Sharpie "custom" fabric. Create custom fabric with dropcloths and Sharpies. from NellieBellie


Draw on the drop cloth.

Yes, it really is that easy. But, there are a few things I want to mention…

#1) The markers.   I haven’t figured out how to stop the traditional Sharpies from bleeding  just a bit when they are washed. Not that I will be washing these curtains often (or at all, let’s be honest) but I thought I should cover my bases and use the fabric paint Sharpies. They cost $6.00 a pack and never dried up. Well worth it.

#2) Wrinkles. I tried to iron the fabric a bit, near impossible. But, using an iron or fabric release spray to get the worst of the wrinkles out is a good idea.

#3) Keepsake quality. When Levi tires of these, or thinks he’s too old for them I have plans. Pillows, blankets, slipcovers…you name it! He’ll be a grown man and see traces of these curtains in my home. I am not parting with them anytime soon!

#4) Sewing. No, didn’t. I just cut and hung. Did you notice? No, I don’t think you did. So, why bother? The ruffle top? First, it is NOT called a ruffle…it is ??? overhang???…yes, overhang! I folded the top forward and clipped the curtains on the fold. It creates a cute little “overhang”.

#5) Doodling. There is no wrong or right way to doodle. If you think there is, or you want these a certain way…do them yourself! Don’t ask your kid for help. That being said, they take time…there was several hours of doodling on these. I had him do these over the course of a few days so that he wouldn’t get bored and try to go too fast. He had a blast! Each “monster” he drew has a story and a reason for looking the way it does. So, don’t rush it…take the time!

 These curtains were part of my son’s room featured in Cottages and Bungalows. To see his finished room go HERE.

There you have it…drop cloth curtains. A great kid’s room idea! Pin to your boards to save this idea.

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  1. We’ve been researching and it looks like a mix of heat and then salt in the wash (no detergent) is what sets the non-fabric paints. Too much work for us! We just get the fabric Sharpies!

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