Cheap Flooring Ideas for the DIY-er

Cheap flooring ideas and area rugs to DIY.

We are renting now and so, I have little need to worry about replacing flooring or carpet. That is a wonderful thing! However, I know many of you might be thinking and planning, looking for some creative and cheap flooring ideas.

And, although I don’t have to think about flooring or carpet I would like to put down rugs on our hardwood floors. After the puppy is potty-trained, of course. —Blasted, rugs are so expensive! I’d rather buy myself a month of cleaning services rather than a rug that will need replacing in like, oh… 3.6 hours.

So, here are a few ideas for some cheap flooring ideas as well as diy area rug options. Honestly, these are so incredibly beautiful it is mind-blowing that someone diy’d their flooring!

Cheap Flooring Ideas to DIY:

Lath Floor Tutorial

Cheap DIY flooring idea using lath (usually a lumber yards cheapest wood) and painting with high quality porch paint.I might be a bit biased to this option, true. Yet a lath floor truly is inexpensive flooring that can be painted in any color you like! It’s fairly easy for the DIY person to accomplish (I did it in a day!) and allows for mistakes to be “fixed” fairly easily. Use a high-quality porch paint for the best results.

Painted Vinyl Floors

How to paint vinyl floors. A great diy cheap flooring idea!

Truly, paint is a miracle worker! Kelly shows us how to use plain ol’ paint to transform ugly vinyl floors. This is something that works people! I’ve seen it (and done it) myself. Take a look at her instructions and see if it’s the right thing to jazz up your sorry vinyl floors…

Paper Bag Floors

diy paper bag floorsAshley from Domestic Imperfection used paper bags to create this floor! No really! And it’s beautiful! The best part is she has great instructions, links to others with similar floors, and a follow up from a year after the floors were put in (in which she says she STILL loves them). If I wasn’t renting and was doing a floor sometime… I would have to try this!

DIY Wide Plank Floor

DIY wide plank floors. This post is full of cheap flooring ideas!

And these…

Gosh that floor is utterly gorgeous, isn’t it! Little Green Notebook created these wide plank floors from plywood. Plywood! She has a super detailed tutorial that I KNOW you can follow to make your own. Truly, I plan on putting this on a wall instead of the floor, soon. I’m a rebel like that. But seriously… I can’t get over this!

Area Rugs to DIY:


 Use carpet squares to create a customize an area rug. Great cheap flooring idea.I have struggled to find a proper photo and tutorial for this concept, but I think it’s fairly easy to understand. Carpet squares put together en mass make a fantastic area rug! photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

DIY Area Rag Rug

Cheap flooring ideas: rag rugs sewn together make a large diy area rug!This large area rug is created by loosely stitching together multiple smaller rag rugs. Under $40.00 if you can find a great inexpensive source for the small rugs (check your local hardware shop!).

DIY Painted Area Rug

diy painted rug is a great cheap diy area rug idea! One of many cheap flooring ideas in this post!Sarah Dorsey has mastered the art of taking a plain jane inexpensive area rug and turning it into something gorgeous with paint and a stencil (that she made!). Anyone can do this!

DIY Dropcloth Area Rug

create a beautiful Aztec inspired rug with a dropcloth and paint. Cheap flooring ideas like this in this post!This diy rug is simply a painted large drop cloth. Truthfully, I think that makes it a floor cloth? Either way, it is beautiful and inexpensive. Use sponges to get clean geometric shapes if you aren’t the most skilled artist.

After looking about for some great tutorials on diy area rugs I realized a that there are some ideas not well photographed and explained. I’ll be making some for NelieBellie soon and hope to get tutorials up for them! But in the meantime, here are some other ideas to try:

  1. Kid’s play mats –painted.
  2. Commercial carpet remnants –re-binded.
  3. Old, faded area rugs –repainted (use fabric medium to keep the softness intact)
  4. T-shirts –braided and rolled into rugs (a giant version of the t-shirt coasters found HERE)
  5. Large piece of fabric –spray glued on to no-slip floor grippers.

 If you’ve done your own DIY area rug, I’d love to see it!

Leave a link to your cheap flooring ideas in the comments so we can all see!

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