DIY pipe lamp (anthro-inspired)

I’m featuring my Anthropologie inspired DIY Pipe lamp, my favorite project, as the project of the year for NellieBellie in 2013! Thanks readers for making this year a fabulous year and cheers to 2014! This lamp has been featured in more places than I can count, shared oodles of times, pinned thousands of times, and gosh darn…you all rock, thank you!

anthropologie-inspired industrial diy pipe lamp. This is an amazing diy!I adore, adore, adored the Anthropologie Pipe lamp when I saw it!! But, at the hefty $2800 price it was terribly far out of my reach!! So, I set out to create my own version. And, I did it!! So, I’m sharing with you my Anthropologie inspired DIY Pipe lamp.

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This project is not complicated. But, it is time consuming.

anthropologie-inspired industrial diy pipe lamp. This is an amazing diy!

Supplies Needed:

*various sizes and kinds of pipes (have a sketch when you go in to buy the materials so you get the right amount of sizes) in various textures.
*spray paint in copper and bronze (to spray those pipes that are pvc or metal)
*wood spindle pieces (you can find these by the stair railing parts) (kind of like these)
*Rub n Buff (I used the patina and gold)
*Wood stain in 2 shades.
*Elbows. Be sure you get enough for each bend. And in the right size. (I used pvc and sprayed them copper)
*Little black screws ground down so only the heads are left (OR…wood discs sprayed black)
*Tube straps (like these) (to hold the lamp to the wall).
*A base. ( I found mine by the stair pieces as well)
*A light kit. (be sure the cord is over 10 feet in length).
*super strong adhesive


How to:

1. The most important element of this Anthropologie style pipe lamp is the various textures and finishes of all of the pieces. Try to give each pipe it’s own look.

Use the spray paint and Rub n Buff to achieve different looks. Mix and match. Sand, buff…do it again. You want varying colors, textures, and looks.

pipe lamp tutorial7

2. Drill the wooden pieces.

Either you will need to cut the wood pieces to sizes small enough for a traditional drill bit and then glue them back together. Or…get a specialty drill bit. Then, find any way you can to add wood elements. Get creative!

Be sure that you drill the hole large enough for the cord to be ran through.

Stain and sand. Stain and sand. You need to fake worn edges and use.

pipe lamp tutorial2

 3. Spray your pvc elbows!

Spray your pvc elbows with copper paint. Sooo much cheaper then buying the real thing!


4. Drill holes through your base for your cord to run through.

5. Do a dry run.

Lay your lamp out on the floor until you get the shape you want.

pipe lamp tutorial5

6. Run your cord through the pieces being sure to leave plenty of cord at the top and bottom.

7. One at a time glue the pieces together.

Be very sure they are straight and true. Wait until 1 is dry then pull the cord tight before moving to the next one.

pipe lamp tutorial6

8. Attach the screws with adhesive.

I attached 3 at each end of the PVC elbows.

pipe lamp tutorial3

9. Wire the lamp kit.

This is fairly simple to do. Follow the directions. Or get a fancy helper.

10. Attach the light to the wall with the tube straps and attach a shade.

This custom shade was created by hot-glueing fabric to an old dirty one. It’s custom. Which is just a fancy word for cheap. Ha!

Whew…that was exhausting!! But, boy oh boy…look at that awesome light!


anthro-inspired industrial pipe lampanthro-inspired industrial pipe lamp

Sure, this is alot of work. Sure, it’s time-consuming. But, it’s ah-may-zing!!! I have a Anthropologie Pipe lamp…without the price tag!!

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8 thoughts on “DIY pipe lamp (anthro-inspired)”

  1. This is adorable! In fact, yours is way cuter than the Anthro version. I just finished making my own lamp hack so I know how much work it is to figure all this out. Thanks for sharing what you learned. As soon as I’ve recovered from the exhausting process of figuring out the lamp I just made, I’m definitely going to give your lamp hack a try. Thanks so much for sharing it :-)

  2. Aw, thanks! And we love for people to share our work! We simply ask that you use only one photo, link back to us, and don’t share the full content of our posts.

  3. Thanks so much! This was quite a project to take on. Not truly “hard”, but time-consuming. So glad it turned out the way it did!

  4. Cat @ therusticwillow

    This is amazing! Anthro’s lamp is gorgeous but I love yours even more. Wonderful job.

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