How to make an octopus coat hook

I was strolling through some of my favorite stores many moons ago and came across a coat hangar that made me stop in my tracks and It was the coolest thing. Crazy strange, but crazy cool. And so, completely DIY friendly. And with a price tag in the hundreds of dollars...I knew that a DIY version was the only way to bring that into my home. So, I created my own version of the Octopus Coat Hook (totally my made up name for it).

make your own octopus hook coat hanger. It's easy and inexpensive!

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 So, the idea of this coat hook is simple...string a large number of hooks together, attach them securely, and hang stuff from the ropes. Kind of brilliant...right!

This coat hook is so cool! and easy to make!



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    • large hooks


  • thick rope
  • a U bracket, or some sort of way to hold them together securely.

To Do:

  • Determine the length you want your coat hook to be and cut your rope double that in length for as many hooks as you desire.
  • Run a piece of rope through the hook.
  • Gather all the rope together, with the hooks at the bottom and the ends at the top.
  • Prior to securing the hooks place a looped piece of rope in the center of alll of your ropes. This will be your hangar for hanging your coat hook.
  • Secure the bundle of rope towards the top. Cut off the ends of the rope as necessary. Be sure not to cut your rope for hanging.

How cool is this! I'm just a wee bit in love with it. So clever and yet so practical!

Moral of the story...use a bit of brains and creativity to make/create what you see!

17 thoughts on “How to make an octopus coat hook”

  1. Super cute! Decided to make this, thanks to you! Went down to my local hardware store, spent a small wad of cash and am attempting to replace my stand up coat racks that take up so much space with this little eye catching space saver!

    1. Let us know how it turns out! (a picture would be awesome!) We love to see how others translate these projects in real life!

  2. This is so cute. I just love h your website, I made the caramel coffee syrup today. OMGoodness now I'm gonna be drinking even more coffee. Thanks soooo much.

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