Simple steps to make glitter ball earrings

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DIY glitter ball earrings: a NellieBellie tutorial

Everyone needs glitter balls hanging from their ears for New Years…don’t you agree? So, if you so decide that you would like your own pair of glitter ball earrings here’s the how-to:


large beads (4)
thread, jewelry wire, or something similar
the hooks from a useless pair of earrings
ModPodge or glue



Apply ModPodge (or glue) all over the beads. A tip…use a paperclip to hold them. Then roll them babies in glitter.
String your beads. You want two lengths of string so you can have a stacking effect when you hang your earrings.
Decide where you want your string to close, apply a dab of hot glue (or other glue) and press together.
String the two beads through your earring hook and glue shut. Trim up if needed. Ta da…you have glitter balls!

DIY glitter ball earrings: a NellieBellie tutorial

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