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Coconut Date Cheesecake Bars

I'm a firm believer in having one piece of AMAZING dessert once in a while instead of little bites more often. Our minimal lifestyle is all about having less so that we can have BETTER. Even in desserts. This coconut date cheesecake recipe is heavenly! Although it's

S'mores eclair cake is a fun twist on the classic no-bake cake we love!

S'mores Chocolate Eclair Bars

This is what happens when you combine two of your favorite summer desserts into one pan. S'mores Chocolate Eclair Bars. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking

Chocolate Dipped Oreo's (with edible gold stars)

Not to say your life isn't complete. Okay, really it's not. Not until you have taken an Oreo, dipped it in melted chocolate, and sprinkled it with gold stars that you can EAT. Then, and only then, will your life be complete. “We are a participant in

3 ingredient Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Give this Peanut Butter Rice Krispie treats recipe a try. You'll love this easy and fast version and I KNOW you'll love including add-ins your family will get excited for.

lazy baker's mini pavlova's. Easy to make with ready-made meringue cookies.

easy mini Pavlova dessert

These make the favorite list because they are just too dang cute! Add to that the fact that they are super easy, and relatively healthy (okay, not really. but they have fruit!), and they are too good to pass up.

Rice Krispie Treats: car edition. Easy to make and fun to eat! #snacks #ricekrispie

Rice Krispie Cars

Usually when we share a recipe with you, we like to explain why we think it is worth your time.  But we're pretty sure that the above photo took care of that for us!  Before you're scared off by the possibility that these Rice Krispie Treats Cars

10-Minute Tiramisu Cake

This recipe is easy, yet produces the classic Italian dessert. You don't even need special equipment, baking, or ingredients.

Just as easy as the original microwave fudge, the peppermint fudge will be a super recipe at holidays!

Peppermint Microwave Fudge

When I put up the recipe for my microwave fudge last year I was unprepared for how much you all were going to love it, share it, come back for the recipe again and again, and pin it. I totally get it...I love it too. I haven't made a "proper" pan of fudge since using this microwave fudge version. Why? This is so good and far easier.

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