Chocolate Dipped Oreo's (with edible gold stars)

Chocolate Dipped oreos with edible starts | a nelliebellie recipe

Not to say your life isn't complete.

Okay, really it's not. Not until you have taken an Oreo, dipped it in melted chocolate, and sprinkled it with gold stars that you can EAT. Then, and only then, will your life be complete.

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Many of you have life goals or bucket lists of some sort. I do too. I have a personal bucket list as well as a NellieBellie bucket list. Making Chocolate covered Oreos with edible gold-leaf was on my NellieBellie bucket list. Here is the part where I admit to all of you how glorious my job is.

I have a work bucket list with things like Chocolate covered Oreos with edible gold leaf on it!

Lanet and I took a couple hours of a work day to build Oreo towers.


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    • chocolate chips


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oreos And dip those Oreos in melted chocolate...


Wait! Stop! Did I forget to mention that we poured a couple of cocktails to sustain us through the difficulty of this job? Yes, you do count four cocktails. Let's pretend we had helpers, shall we :).


We sprinkled those itty bitty gold stars on our chocolate-covered oreos (move quickly before the chocolate dries!) ...

chocolate-covered-gold-oreos chocolate-covered-gold-sprinkled-oreos

And then, of course, tested their worthiness for all of you ...


They are worthy! Oh, are they worthy!

These beauties would be fantastic for showers, parties, special events, or simply for a fun night with family. You can't go wrong taking a favorite like Oreo's and dipping them in chocolate, can you? The addition of the edible gold stars takes them into another level of awesome all together!
Chocolate Dipped oreos with edible starts | a nelliebellie recipe

I am so glad I can mark this off my NellieBellie bucket list. But, the best part is how much fun Lanet and I had making these beauties. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours!

Grab a package of Oreos, your favorite melting chocolate, and some fun sprinkles and try making your own version of this fun and happy treat! Make enough to share with a neighbor, won't you?

Chocolate Dipped oreos with edible starts | a nelliebellie recipe

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    1. Thanks Valerie! We actually hadn't either...we were looking for edible gold dust and found the stars instead when we were in Michaels. We love them!

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