easy mini Pavlova dessert

Just say the word Pavlova. Isn’t that just fancy!   *sigh*   I love fancy sounding words. And fancy sounding desserts! You know what I love MORE??? Fancy sounding desserts that are uber easy. Like my mini pavlova’s. They are gorgeous, they are easy, and they are delicious. Not joking…amazingly delicious! And, how gorgeous would these mini pavlova’s be for your holiday dessert? stunning!

This recipe uses store-bought meringues…for a homemade pavlova recipe, take a look at our chocolate pavlova.  Yum!

lazy baker's mini pavlova's. Easy to make with ready-made meringue cookies. gluten-free, easy dessert, low-calorie

Super Hero Mini Pavlova maker…you are about to get this great gluten-free recipe dropped on you. Ready?


I’m ridiculous.

But really; this recipe is a wonderful combination of class, elegance, and ease.  We want you to have it in your recipe arsenal because it is a great go-to dessert for any get-together and can be pulled together at the last minute (as long as you have time to run to the store for meringues!).  Basically, it’s useful.  And incredibly beautiful and delicious.  And if you really want to, you can always make these with homemade pavlova bases to be even more awesome!

mini pavlova ingredients

Key Ingredients:

  • strawberries
  • kiwi
  • mint
  • cream
  • mini meringues

Gluten-free: Pavlova’s are naturally gluten-free but be sure to always read your ingredient lists!

Mini Pavlova recipe

lazy baker's mini pavlova's. Easy to make with ready-made meringue cookies.

the lazy baker’s: Mini Pavlova’s

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  • packaged meringue cookies
  • fruit I used Dole frozen strawberries and fresh kiwi
  • whipped cream homemade is the bomb!
  • fresh mint
Check out our Kitchen Reference Guide for help with unfamiliar terms.


  • Place a meringue cookie on the plate
  • Cover with a layer of whipped cream
  • Pour fresh fruit on top
  • Sprinkle a bit of chipped mint on top
  • Repeat layer
  • enjoy immediately

I used some larger meringue cookies for this version. And then, when we ran out of the large cookies we used the bitty ones that come in bags. And we layered the bitty ones in mason jars. Those were also amazing!! An absolute success!

mini pavlovas are so easy to make with pre-packaged meringue cookies!

We served these to my sister-in-law and her family (a bunch of boys) and the only sound you heard was forks scraping dishes. They were devoured!  Winner!

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7 thoughts on “easy mini Pavlova dessert”

  1. I’ve never seen premade pavlova! How cool is that? I love easy and healthy gluten free recipes. Thanks for the inspiration! Sharing!

  2. I would say this counts as healthy…at least as far as desserts go. And yes…young guys eating is such a special experience!

  3. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I’m going to pin this on my healthy board — it’s got egg whites. An egg is the beginning of life. What could be more basic than that?? Plus fruit you have a perfectly healthy dessert. And I am familiar with the sound of young males attacking ( uh! eating) their food.

  4. I don’t even know what the non lazy bakers version of pavlova is, but looks like ingredients I would like. I mean cream? Bring it on.

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