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Snack time is our favorite and we certainly won't neglect our favorite recipes because they aren't substantial enough to be for a main meal!

Homemade Chex Mix

Classic Homemade Chex Mix Recipe

This is THE recipe you grew up with, had a school functions, and picked through to find your favorite bits. Homemade chex mix with salty pretzels and crackers, a sweet & spicy coating, and the perfect amount of crunch.

3 ingredient Rice Chips

Light, crispy, easy to make, and without any gluten...these rice chips are tasty to eat and a joy to bake up!

Pepperoni Pizza Bites (freezer-friendly!)

Make up a batch of these pizza bites in under 30 minutes. A great way to feed hungry kids in a fast hurry! Heck, store a batch in the freezer for easy re-heating. Made with Rhodes pizza dough, shredded cheese, pizza sauce, and mini pepperoni...these pizza bites couldn't be easier or faster to make.

What to do with your pumpkin seeds!

Tis the season for all of the pumpkin! If you, like me, thrive on grabbing a pie pumpkin from the grocery store and then wondering what the heck to do with all of the pumpkin seeds (because...throwing them away seems wasteful!) I've got you...

Jalapeño Popper Toppers

These easy Jalapeño Popper Topper appetizers are perfect for Game Day. Creamy cream cheese topping a buttery @RITZcracker with a slice of jalapeño on top

easy candy corn fruit cup

So up in this here house we like healthy. We like fun. We like fast. All smooshed together. And yes, I'm talking about food. I need to make tasty treats for my kids that are fast and healthy. These "Candy Corn" fruit cups are perfect. I mean...look at them! Aren't those just the cutest little things you ever did see? My kids thought so. So, jars filled up with Dole fruit are scarfed up after school in a heartbeat. Score!

Only 3 ingredients and a microwave to make this ADDICTIVE chocolate almond bark puffcorn. A good sprinkling of sea salt takes it NEXT LEVEL in flavor. The best bake!

Salted Chocolate Almond Bark Puffcorn (no-bake)

Only 3 ingredients and a microwave to make this ADDICTIVE chocolate almond bark puffcorn. A good sprinkling of sea salt takes it NEXT LEVEL in flavor. The best bake!

This coconut chocolate pudding is made with 4 ingredients and dairy or sugar isn't one of them!

easy Coconut Milk Chocolate Pudding

Do you know one of the foods I have most missed by removing milks and sugars from my diet? Chocolate. Chocolate in all forms. Chocolate in all flavors. But mostly in the silky smooth form of pudding and mousse. I ADORE silky smooth chocolate and milk smooshed

Veggie Nachos

Veggie Nachos - veggies and cheese for days!

Veggie Nachos. Okay yes, let's be honest. These aren't quite the same thing as traditional nachos. Okay yes, not really at all the same thing. It's awfully hard to replace canned cheese and chips. But they are really, really wonderful! And, if you are staying away from

Mac and Cheese Cupcakes

Hey all! My girl Alice is back with another perfect MN recipe for you! These mac and cheese cupcakes are super cute, easy, and fun to make! I know... I have made them. They are portable and perfect for snacking. Don't forget to stop over to Dining

Sweet and salty snack mix featuring bacon cheddar Goldfish puffs (gluten-free) #GoldfishTales

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix (gluten-free)

I’m sharing some great gluten free snacks  with Goldfish® Puffs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales Find our full disclosure here. It is sometimes stinking difficult to find gluten-free snack ideas that appeal to teenagers and children without breaking the bank or being difficult to make. This

A snack mix bar is a great entertaining idea. Keep it easy and simple! #GoldfishTales #ad

How to build an epic snack mix bar

I’m sharing some great gluten free snacks  with Goldfish® Puffs as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales Find our full disclosure here. Any one of you that has children has hosted a movie night, video game night, or a sliding party at some point in your

How to make baked veggie fries your family will love

easy baked veggie fries

This how to for baked veggie fries has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  As always, we only work with brands we think are great, and only share recipes we actually love. #SpringIntoFlavor #CollectiveBias My kids adore after-school snack time. They get off the bus, charge

Tortilla shell pizzas (Cost less than $1 each!), includes simple tortilla pizza recipes. Repin to save.

Tortilla Shell Pizzas (Less Than $1 Each!)

Tortilla shell pizzas are delicious. If you're a thin crust lover or an all-crust lover, you need no convincing. But even if you are a thick crust lover, I still think you'll appreciate how tasty these pizzas are. You'll also appreciate how fast they are to make, how quickly they bake, how light they are, how customizable they are.

Roasted buffalo cauliflower recipe from healthy snack ideas

Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower

Because sometimes the simplest recipes are actually the best, and this buffalo roasted cauliflower is an example of one, we almost felt silly putting this recipe up for you all, because it is so simple. But then we got over it. Why? Because you need this buffalo

How to make homemade hummus basic recipe. healthy snack ideas

Homemade Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a great snack to keep on hand, because it is filling and pretty darn good for you.  Chickpeas and sesame seeds (the main ingredients) are high in iron and a great protein source! But homemade hummus is even better for you!  Store bought hummus can

how to make homemade microwave popcorn in a brown bag

easy homemade microwave popcorn

Popcorn is the snack food of snack foods. It has earned a spot in the snack food hall of fame, if such a thing existed. Popcorn is low calorie, low sugar, low fat, and all the fantastic low words. Popcorn is easy to make and universally loved

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