Tortilla Shell Pizzas (Less Than $1 Each!)

Tortilla shell pizzas (Cost less than $1 each!), includes simple tortilla pizza recipes. Repin to save.

I might just be your new best friend. Why? Because I’m giving you an excuse to eat pizza every day!!!

How? By taking away the mess, fuss, complexity of homemade pizza. By using a tortilla shell as a crust.
Tortilla shell pizzas are delicious. If you’re a thin crust lover or an all-crust lover, you need no convincing. But even if you are a thick crust lover, I still think you’ll appreciate how tasty these pizzas are. You’ll also appreciate:
  • How fast they are to make (dinner – start to finish – in 15 minutes!)
  • How quickly they bake
  • How light they are (depending on your toppings, these pizzas verge on healthy)
  • How customizable they are (each family member can choose their own toppings)
Not that you should – but you could totally eat pizza every day when you make it this way. Like I said: New best friend.
Check out this Mexican-style tortilla shell pizza, below: Topped with salsa, pepper jack cheese, black olives, grilled chicken, and crushed tortilla chips.

Tortilla shell pizzas (Cost less than $1 each!), includes simple tortilla pizza recipes. Repin to save.

Pizza For Under $1: Here’s How

1: Start with a flour tortilla (these homemade ones cost just 5 cents each)
2: Add a light coating of sauce
3: Add cheese and toppings (don’t go crazy though… or the toppings will overwhelm the thin crust)
4: Bake directly on the oven rack at 375F for 7 to 8 minutes (put a pizza pan on the rack below to catch any falling cheese or toppings, just in case!)
Breakfast-style tortilla shell pizza: Topped with seasoned ground beef, chili pepper, egg, chopped green onion, and served with a side of salsa.

Tortilla shell pizzas (Cost less than $1 each!), includes simple tortilla pizza recipes. Repin to save.

Money-saving tip: Use up odds and ends in your fridge and freezer to top your pizzas. Get creative! Try alternative sauces (like sweet chili sauce or BBQ sauce), frozen corn, chopped onions, chopped olives, grilled chicken, chicken sausage, ground beef – the sky is the limit!

Whoa!!! Haley is genius, genius, genius…don’t you agree? I have a 12 year old boy that seems to be eating everything in sight and these cheap pizza’s will be lifesavers. Haley is always full of fantastic, cheap recipes and deliciousness over at her blog Cheap Recipe Blog. We highly recommend you heading over there, checking it out, and subscribing to get recipes in your inbox! You can also follow her on Facebook where she posts her latest and greatest…

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6 thoughts on “Tortilla Shell Pizzas (Less Than $1 Each!)”

  1. I would! If it’s on a really low fire. I think the tortilla would burn before the cheese melts, if the fire is too hot.

  2. I’m the oldest of 10 kids and have had just about anything you can think of on a pizza. I’m pretty sure I even have a macaroni and cheese pizza here on NellieBellie.

  3. I love your website! What a great idea, I never thought of using a tortilla! What’s the weirdoist pizza you ever made? I have hot dogs in the fridge. Girl.

  4. Enjoying tacos tonight and love this idea to use the extra tortillas for pizza! Loving the breakfast one-yum! Thanks Haley!

  5. OMG pizza is my Achilles’ heel. And the fact that you just made it possible to eat it not only every day but almost every meal means I will never be tempted by any other food ever again. I’m not sure yet if I should thank you or curse you :)

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