Rainbow Brunch Charcuterie Board

This brunch charcuterie board is created in partnership with Rhodes® Bake N’ Serv. All opinions are mine. For more great recipes featuring their product head to the bottom of this post.

Delicious and absolutely beautiful, why not create a brunch charcuterie board with all the colors of the rainbow? I included salmon lox, Rhodes® Warm & Serve rolls, and all our favorite toppings to make this gorgeous board.

My family had a very hard time waiting before they dove in. In fact, I have a pic (further below) of my son sneaking an early bite. Beautiful food is always more enticing, isn’t it!

Do you love charcuterie boards? Here’s the basics of creating an amazing one: How to Make an Easy Charcuterie Board (step by step)

I had a hard time deciding if this board fits into brunch or lunch or snack time. Really, we eat these type of boards all day long. I made this one around 11am and so…brunch. But I would make it at 1pm and even at 7pm. Salmon lox on rolls with all the toppings is delicious any time of day, don’t you think?

This recipe features Warm & Serve rolls from Rhodes®, I prefer the soft white rolls but they have lovely French rolls, as well. Simply take them out of the freezer and they go straight into the oven…10-12 minutes later you have hot fresh rolls.

Recommended Ingredients for Salmon Brunch Charcuterie Board:

  • Rhodes® Warm & Serve Rolls. I prefer using rolls over bagels or other forms of bread because they are easy to have on hand (these keep in my freezer until right before going in the oven), they are multi-purpose (sandwiches, dinner rolls, french toast…you name it), and these are soft and airy!
  • Salmon lox. Salmon lox takes up little space on your board, provides great flavor in a small amount, and is a delightful orange color in our rainbow.
  • Goat cheese or cream cheese. Nothing beats a tangy goat cheese with salmon lox. I can find goat cheese or cream cheese in a variety of colors which helps fill in the rainbow. Tip: Look for blueberry coated goat cheese!

These three ingredients, in my opinion, are the basis for any good salmon board. From there, you get to add your favorite veggies and toppings.

Ideas for Salmon rainbow brunch board ingredients:

  • Violet: red onions, rainbow radishes, beets, purple cabbage slaw, pickled purple carrots, eggplant, grape jam.
  • Blue: Unfortunately, blue is terribly hard. Blueberries are your best bet. Blue corn chips are also an option. Even blue cocktail napkins. Or, just skip blue…you’ll have a good rainbow effect without it, if it’s stressful to find.
  • Green: All the things! Sprouts, capers, cucumber, green onions, lettuce, spinach, fresh dill, green peppers, asparagus, jalapéno’s, avocado. Try homemade pesto, as well!
  • Yellow: Lemons, golden beets, yellow peppers, corn relish, some cheeses.
  • Orange: Salmon, cheddar cheese, carrots, orange peppers, pickled carrots, cheese spreads.
  • Red: Tomatoes, red peppers, radishes, strawberries, roe.

Mix in fresh herbs, flowers, fruits, and other items that are great for finger foods and help bring the needed colors to your board. Use the rolls as “clouds” at the base of your board.

Sigh, Levi pointed out that I had my blue and violet flipped in the rainbow. Did you notice? I sure hope not. I think the idea gets across and only those exceptionally interested in rainbow coloring perfection would even notice.

Rhodes® Warm & Serve rolls

Make Ahead/Store:

I wouldn’t recommend making the board in advance in its entirety and trying to store it. Instead, have all of the items chopped, sliced, and in their dishes ready to go. Then you simply take out the board and arrange everything when it’s time to serve.

Salmon lox and toppings on a bruch charcuterie board

Tips for brunch board:

  • If you plan to keep the board out for quite a long time be conscious of which ingredients should be kept fresh. Either eliminate them, plan to freshen them periodically, or rig up a dish set inside of ice.
  • Keep your board as inexpensive as possible by using budget ingredients to help bulk up your board. Carrots, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and in season produce can give you alot of bang for your buck.
  • No need to buy a special charcuterie board! Simply use a large cutting board, a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, or multiple plates set at different levels for interest (use cans to give them varying heights).
  • When planning your board think about if you want to supply proper plates and silverware. If not, stick to finger foods that be carried on a simple napkin or plate.
  • Don’t forget that charcuterie boards aren’t just for parties…they are a fantastic way to use up odds and ends in your fridge and cupboard for your family meal.
  • Add softened cream cheese to your rolls to give even more of a cloud like appearance for the rainbow effect.
Brunch Charcuterie Board featuring Rhodes bread

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