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Best Father's Day Gifts for Foodies

Does Dad love to cook? Does he love trying new foods and restaurants? Finding something he will love but doesn't already have (or decided he doesn't want) can be very tricky. I guarantee that Dad will love one of these unique foodie gift ideas.

Gifts every Baker wants

note: this post contains affiliate links. Purchasing items through the link will make me a small fee at no cost to you. Thanks so much! We are keeping it easy for you to shop for the favorite baker in your life. Or if you ARE the baker

25 Gift ideas for Dad who "Doesn't Want Anything" (under $30)

Every year when my kids ask their Dad what he wants for Christmas he responds with the same answer... "I don't want anything". Usually followed by something cheesy like, "except everyone to be happy" or "but everyone home for Christmas". Stuff like that. The kids groan and

25+ Christmas Gift Ideas for family & friends (under $50)

These are thoughtful and personal gift ideas my family would love to receive. Best of all is that they fall under $50. Most of them...well under that $50! For a food-loving family: A favorite cookbook. Be sure to include one that is kid-friendly, if there are small

DIY christmas gift

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from the Kitchen

Christmas is right around the corner (THIS weekend! Can you believe it?!) and everyone is rushing for those last-minute gifts that will impress their friends and loved ones. The shopping malls crazy, packed with shoppers scrambling for gifts, there's traffic on every road, and stressed-out parents everywhere! It probably sounds better just to stay at home and not fret with malls and toy stores, right? Of course...but where are your gifts going to come from? Don't worry - we've got you covered.

This is the ultimate gift guide for young chef's. 20 gift ideas for under $20 each. Full of fun, unique, and practical ideas for the beginning chef!

ultimate holiday gift guide for the young chef

This gift guide for the young chef has so many fun and quirky gift ideas that are still practical and a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Or perhaps you have a kid you can't get OUT of the kitchen? Either way these gifts are perfect. I've kept them all under $20.oo and many I have personally had in my kitchen when my kids were younger.

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