27 Unique Gift Ideas for Women

It can be difficult to give gifts to a woman that seems to have everything. This list of unique and thoughtful gift ideas I am sure any woman will love and use!

Keep your gift selection personal, thoughtful, and unique. No need to buy a ho-hum gift when you have this list of amazing and unique gift ideas already hand-picked for you!

Birth Month Flower Necklace from Uncommon Goods – $48

Not only are these beautiful, but she can celebrate her birth month. It’ll show her that you care enough to know that fact about her.

Gardening Sleeves with thumb hole from Amazon -$13

Any gardener will know how valuable these are to protect your arms from thorns, rashes, and bugs while gardening. In fact, I grabbed myself a pair!

Bubble Wrap Calendar from Uncommon Goods – $25

Okay, this calendar is amazing. You get to pop bubble wrap every day. I don’t care how old you get, everyone loves bubble wrap.

Self Care Subscription Box from Cratejoy – $35 (monthly)

Each box includes researched therapeutic items to reduce stress. It includes one “happiness” activity and 5-7 self-care items. It’s even curated by therapists! Show her that you care about her mental health and stress levels by getting her this!

The Adults and Crafts Crate from Cratejoy – $33 (monthly)

This subscription box is perfect for the ladies who love to craft. You get to learn a new crafting skill every month. Plus, maybe she’ll gift the things she makes to you!

Aura Glass No Spill Wine Glasses from Amazon –

She probably has wine glasses. But does she have wine glasses that won’t spill? She will after you get her some! These are classy AND practical!

Garden Party Knee High Socks from Ozone – $15

She needs socks. Everyone needs socks. Why not get her some of these super cute ones so she can be happy about her day before it even starts? There are other styles from Ozone that she’ll love, too. Check out their Sock of the Month Club, too!

Ode to Home State Dish Towel from Uncommon Goods – $16

Maybe she needs something to remind her of home, or maybe she just likes her state. Maybe she needs a new dish towel. Whatever the case, she’ll love this towel!

Make Your Own Truffles Kit from Uncommon Goods – $35

What’s better than giving her chocolate? Giving her the ability to make her own chocolate! They’re easy to make, and easy to customize to the type of chocolate she loves most.

Personalized Pie Plate from Rustic Route Designs on Etsy –

You can have a pie plate engraved with a special recipe from a relative, the recipe her kids love the most, or whatever is meaningful. So sweet!

SparkPod French Press Coffee and Tea Maker from Amazon

If she likes coffee, this french press will help her make the best coffee in the easiest way.

Whisk Wiper from Amazon – $15

Okay, this thing is so clever we have no idea why we don’t have it already. You can use it to wipe both the whisk and the bowl in just a tiny bit of time.

Chefman Portable Compact Personal Fridge from Amazon – $36

This fridge is portable, which makes it perfect for road trips or offices. It’s very small, so it won’t take up too much space. Perfect for keeping drinks or lunches or wine chilled. I have a version that I keep in my office for a couple emergency sodas :).

The Laundress Stain Removal Kit from Shopbob- $40

Is she clumsy? Does she always spill stuff? Get her this kit for a nice, classy way to clean up her messes. It’s just really handy to have around.

Kikkerland Beechwood Crab Multi Tool from Amazon –

Every woman needs a multi-tool so she can be prepared for anything. And what’s better than a multi-tool? A multi-tool shaped like a cute little crab!

Mermaid Tail Blanket from Amazon –

Be cozy and embrace your childhood fantasy at once! This one is great for the book reader or movie-watcher!

Explore Local Box from Cratejoy – $40 (monthly)

We just love this. Every month she can get items from a different city in the U.S. that lets her explore the city without leaving home! The items come from small, local businesses in that month’s city.

Wine Pearls from Amazon – $24

These chilling pearls will let her enjoy her white wine at the best temperature for drinking. She won’t need to worry about wine or waiting for it to chill in the fridge!

Clay in Motion Hand Warmer Mug from Amazon –

Everybody loves mugs. She’ll especially love how this mug helps her warm her hands in the morning! Great for the woman that is perpetually cold!

Adopt a Species from the World Wildlife Fund – $55

Choose her favorite animal and make a donation of $55 towards saving that species. With it she’ll get a plush, a photo of the animal, an adoption certificate, a species card, and a gift bag! This gift not only will help her feel good about supporting endangered animals but will help YOU feel good about it too! Give it to the girl who loves animals, or the girl who SWORE she didn’t want you to get her anything because really you’re getting the animals something anyway.

Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden from Uncommon Goods – $20

This kit will let her grow beautiful edible flowers on her windowsill. Just think how happy she’ll be when she sees her gorgeous garden.

Steeping Flower Blossoms from Uncommon Goods – $40

Does she love tea? Does she love pretty drinks? All she’ll need to do is steep these flowers in some hot water and she can have both of those things AND a gorgeous jar of flowers for her counter.

Fruit Infusion Bottle from Amazon – $23

This refillable bottle presses your choice of fruit juice into her water! It’s easy to use, so she can have delicious refreshing water at all times of the day!

Geode Candles from Uncommon Goods -$44

These candles are just too good! The candle lover in your life will love these. Be sure to check out the other handmade candles Uncommon Goods offers!

Charcuterie Board Set From Amazon $60

If she doesn’t yet have a charcuterie board (and even if she does!) this set is the granddaddy of them all. She’ll love it!

Shower Steamer Gift SEt from Amazon – varying prices

OMG I am sooo into these shower steamers and use them on a regular basis, myself. I know that any woman would be excited to see a collection of these gifted to her! The shower turns into a spa with a simple little disc.

Hand Embroidered Coin Purse from Etsy

These are absolutely darling and guaranteed to be appreciated. There are multiple designs to choose from at this charming Etsy store but good luck…you’ll want to get them all!

Did you find a great gift idea for that woman in your life? I know I did! And one or two for me, as well. The best part is you can do your shopping from your couch and never have to leave your home to get amazing gifts!

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