25 Gift ideas for Dad who “Doesn’t Want Anything” (under $30)

Every year when my kids ask their Dad what he wants for Christmas he responds with the same answer… “I don’t want anything”. Usually followed by something cheesy like, “except everyone to be happy” or “but everyone home for Christmas”. Stuff like that. The kids groan and then try to get out of him some concrete gift ideas.
On the assumption that many of your kids might be able to relate (or if you personally are trying to get something unique for your hubby), I had my daughter put together a list of 25 unique gifts under $30.00 (because kids really need an inexpensive budget :)) that she would want to choose from this year.
These gifts are unique, clever, many have a sense of humor, and are great for kids to give their Dads that “don’t want anything”. Which is, of course, code for they have zero idea what they want but love getting gifts from their kids because it makes them know their kids really think of them (yes, that was a run-on sentence but was necessary for effect).

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Best Magnetic Wristband from Amazon- 

Does your dad love to put things together and take things apart? If not, this may not bethe best gift for him. But if yes, this wristband is super handy for him to keep thingsbeside him while he tinkers. Whether that means fixing cars, the refrigerator, or even ifhe just likes to play with hot wheels. Anything magnetic will stick to this wristband.
SumoJerky from Cratejoy – 
This subscription box is perfect for the dad who loves beef jerky, especially for the dadwho may need to widen his horizons on the type of jerky he gets. SumoJerky is priced anywhere from 14.95- 72.75 a month, based on how many bags of jerky you get (the most expensive option is a whole 12 bags!). They deliver new flavors of jerky every month, and promise that the jerky has minimal preservatives, additives, and less than 5g of sugar. The flavors are hand picked each month from the best jerky chefs in the US.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B00005KB37″ locale=”US”]Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer[/easyazon_link]-
Okay honestly, this gift my dad would adore. This fryer is really just for anyone you know who loves to fry, or cook, or maybe doesn’t like either of those things but loves to experiment. We really recommend it. Also, have him try fried broccoli, trust us.
Match Made Coffee from Cratejoy- 
Okay, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t also kinda want this subscription box. But this isa perfect simple box for any coffee lover. Match Made sends you two gourmet coffees a month,along with two gourmet cookies to pair with the coffee. Not only will this make your dad superhappy, but it will give you a great reason to go to his place for a chat every month!
[easyazon_link identifier=”B06XRKMQ55″ locale=”US”]Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter[/easyazon_link] from Amazon – 
This is just a really cool lighter. It’s splash and wind proof, which is perfect if your dad 
loves to do anything outside. It’s rechargeable and c’mon, it looks awesome. Reviewers also 
say this lighter is TSA safe, but we recommend double checking before flying.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B0174ATXAQ” locale=”US”]Beardaments Beard Ornaments[/easyazon_link]  – 
If your dad loves looking festive and being the life of the party, these are for him. Even if your dad hates being the center of attention, he will still probably think these are great. He can be fashionable, AND jingle when he walks!
Okay, we just want to use this to cut our pizza.
Dads love pancakes, right? So they need this sample of syrup to decide which is their favorite. Or maybe you just want the syrup, we won’t judge.
We like beer. Nate likes beer. Your dad probably likes beer. With this Beer of the Month Club, he can try new kinds of beer every month. Who knows, maybe he’ll invite you over for one!
Spiffster Club from Cratejoy – 
Maybe your dad is a business guy. This subscription box is perfect for helping him spiff up his outfit every month. Each box contains a trendy tie or bow tie specially curated to his style.Perfect for him to wear to work, or just for fun!
[easyazon_link identifier=”B07D4LZY2Q” locale=”US”]UZI Tactical Pen[/easyazon_link] –
These pens have a glass breaker and claim they are trusted by police and Military. They’re also just good pens.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B06ZZWHXZT” locale=”US”]Chef Buddy Panini Press[/easyazon_link] –

Paninis are the best. And you can make so many things besides paninis on a panini press, like chicken breast or bacon. Dad will love it.

This pen has a ruler, a screwdriver, and a lever, among other things. Give this to Dad so he can clear out the junk drawer and only keep his pen in there.
We laughed when we saw these socks because they’re so great. Especially for a dad who loves interesting socks.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B015XON8DI” locale=”US”]Digital Tape Measure[/easyazon_link] –
This tape measure is perfect for dads who always have projects. It’s even water resistant!
It’s Star Wars. It’s a screwdriver. What more can we say?
[easyazon_link identifier=”B077PRTXFQ” locale=”US”]Beer Cozy Neck Tie[/easyazon_link] –
This is perfect for the dad who likes to drink AND be nicely dressed.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B076ZQNQNF” locale=”US”]Donut Warming Coffee Mug[/easyazon_link]-
Does Dad like donuts (or other similarly sized round breakfast pastries)? Does Dad like coffee? Get him this mug that will let him have both at once.
[easyazon_link identifier=”B01M98KNSP” locale=”US”]Beer Coozie Mittens[/easyazon_link] –
Don’t you hate when your hands get cold when you drink beer? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a nice, cold beer outside? Fear not, because Dad can remedy this issue with these beer coozie mittens!
[easyazon_link identifier=”B00HSO24AA” locale=”US”]Extra Large Beer Glass[/easyazon_link] –
Dads drink a lot of beer.
Pewter Roman Gladius Letter Opener from Medieval Collectibles-
Who doesn’t want to open a letter with a sword? Make Dad feel like the warrior he is.
This thing is so cool you will definitely steal it. It keeps your coffee warm, just in case you forget about it.
This gift is perfect for anyone who loves to grill but is trying to cut back on meat. Or anyone who loves kabobs! These make it so much easier.
Get this for Dad so he can always have his beer.
This gift is perfect for the Dads who love to cook. These dice will help Dad decide exactly what to make, or give him inspiration.

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  1. Your dad is always most important person for you in your life who doesn’t want anything from you

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