ultimate holiday gift guide for the young chef

This is the ultimate gift guide for young chef's. 20 gift ideas for under $20 each. Full of fun, unique, and practical ideas for the beginning chef!

This gift guide for the young chef has so many fun and quirky gift ideas that are still practical and a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Or perhaps you have a kid you can't get OUT of the kitchen? Either way these gifts are perfect. I've kept them all under $20.oo and many I have personally had in my kitchen when my kids were younger. Okay, truth be told... I still have some. Or want some (hello, that ladle!).

I want to be clear (if you read my last post about commercialism in Christmas) that I don't think buying gifts is necessary. However, for some, gift-giving is their love language. It means something special and they want to be very personal and thoughtful when they gift others. For those people, I want to give you a means to give gifts that are perfect for the person you are thinking of. To say that Christmas should be void of gift-giving is rather impractical. Instead, let's return gift-giving to something meaningful and thoughtful. Onward!

Also, full disclosure... these are affiliate links in some of the links. Meaning, if you buy them from using the link I do make a wee bit of money.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter -- this is sooo much fun for the kid that loves pizza!

Pop up Hot dog and bun toaster -- great for kids that want to make their own lunches!

Avocado Tree kit -- this is a fun one for kids that love to watch things grow!

Dinosaur engraved rolling pin -- the little chef in the kitchen will love making pie with dinosaurs on it!

Every kid wants to serve soup from this Nessie ladle!

Cookie-making kids need this mug to serve up their treats with milk or hot cocoa.

A recipe box personalized with the child's name would be so special for the kid that loves to try new recipes!

An angelfish colander is so much fun!

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