37 Best Baking Gifts

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We are keeping it easy for you to shop for the favorite baker in your life. Or if you ARE the baker you might want to share this post with those people in your life who most need the hints.

We are keeping it even easier by setting up our favorite items in a one-shop stop. No thinking is required! Just pick anything in the shop and I GUARANTEE the baker in your life will be thrilled! We have ideas for mom, newbie pastry chef’s, gift sets, and even young kids.

What do you get mom who loves baking?

Personalized Dish – A dish engraved with a favorite recipe that is also fully functional is truly the best gift for the mom that loves to bake. I love that you can engrave these with the handwritten recipe…so sweet!

Bakeware Set – Durable and reliable bakeware is always a welcome gift by the baker. Mom will love replacing her old stuff with fresh, new bakeware!

Apron – This one is from Magnolia Market and absolutely lovely to wear and wash.

Baking Spice Set – Delight the baker in your life with this deluxe set. Each eight-piece set includes glass jars of Saigon Ground Cassia Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Ground Cardamom Seeds, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, Dutched Cocoa Powder, Crystallized Ginger Nibs and Cocoa Nibs.

Specialty Extracts. – Nothing elevates a great bake better than Nielsen-Massey extracts…any baker will tell you that. Your baker will be static with this set of vanillas from around the world.

Nordic Ware Bundt Pan

State Kitchen Towels – Each of these dishtowels celebrates the iconic landmarks of one of the 50 states.

OXO Baking Canisters – Clear so the baker can see exactly how much it contains and it includes a scoop that stores conveniently under the top.

Stand Mixer. – Okay, this is a pretty big item on the list. BUT maybe the baker you are shopping for is a special someone? If they don’t yet have a stand mixer…it is an absolute want on their list. Guaranteed! In my opinion, the classic KitchenAid stand mixer is the gold standard. I love mine and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Ceramic Ruffled Pie Plate – So pretty and functional, this pie plate has a gorgeous ruffled edge that makes Mom’s pie look that much prettier.

Sourdough Starter Set – Perfect for the baker that has wanted to try their hand at baking sourdough bread. Complete with bands, thermometer, and jar.

Brown Sugar Bear – Grab this adorable bear to keep the brown sugar soft and mom won’t have to use that slice of bread anymore.

Marble Rolling Pin – If you’ve watched any of my FB Lives involving pie making then you know that a marble rolling pin is on my wish list. I’m loving this one from Williams Sonoma!

Enamelware Measuring cups – Measuring cups are an absolute must but why not use pretty ones? These enamelware measuring cups are practical as well as pretty!

Nordic Wear Mixing Bowl Set – Every baker wants that gorgeous set of mixing bowls that stacks neatly, is dishwasher safe, and just looks dang pretty. This set from Noric Ware is all of those things!

Great Utensils -Many of these are heat-resistant, non-stick, BPA-free tools! Every baker needs a set of really good tools. These are pretty enough to sit out on the counter, too!

Must-have tools –

Fun Cookie Cutters – There are a host of fun cookie cutters to be found! We love these Harry Potter cookie cutters but frankly, Williams Sonoma has a never ending number of cookie cutters and stamps we would gladly add to our stash!

Perfect Cookie Baking Mat – Most bakers either have or are wanting to try their hand at making macarons. This baking mat is useful as a traditional mat AND helpful in making those perfectly shaped cookies!

What is the best gift for a budding pastry chef?

Embossed Rolling Pin – Embossed rolling pins take your roll-out cookies and pie crusts from ho-hum to fabulous! I love the honeycomb pattern…but they come in so many versions!

Pretty Cake Stand -Everyone baker wants a gorgeous cake stand to show off their homemade goodies with!

Macaron Mat – They’ll get perfectly sized macarons every time with this baking mat.

Kitchen Scale – A good quality kitchen scale is a must-have for anyone serious about baking.

Pastry Tools – A good set of pastry tools are necessary for all the fine decorating and icing that the pastry chef in your life does.

Baking Gift Sets

Cookie Decorating Kit – Everything a baker needs to create beautifully decorated cookies. Decorating tools, cookie cutters, and more.

Babka Baking Kit – All the dry ingredients you need, loaf pans, and more to prepare delicious bread!

Madeline Baking Kit – Includes the pan, the majority of the ingredients, and more.

Cake Pops Baking Set – If they have wanted to try the cake pops trend .. grab this kit!

Pie Baking Gift Box – Bake delicious pies with all of the goodies in the box. Every baker will love the ingredients and tools in this set!

Baking Gifts for Kids

Custom Dish

Personalized Cake Tin

Cookie Press – A well-made cookie press with multiple disks will always be a winning gift for a young baker. Be sure it has a storage container to keep those disks organized.

Silly Kitchen Timer – A kitchen timer is a tool every young baker needs to master…why not make it fun? Grab a silly one to put on the counter and laugh at.

Custom Sprinkles -Sprinklepop creates a myriad of specialty and SUPER fun sprinkles that any young baker will be excited to get to use. From princesses to Harry Potter to edible glitter and more…you can’t go wrong!

Specialty Kids Baking Cookbook. A fun kid’s only making cookbook gives young bakers inspiration and direction to try. Be sure not to get one too juvenile, though!

You are bound to find something on this list that the baker in your life will love! I know I’ll take anything on the list, myself…hint hint to my family :).

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