Gifts every Baker wants

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We are keeping it easy for you to shop for the favorite baker in your life. Or if you ARE the baker you might want to share this post with those people in your life that most need the hints.

We are keeping it even easier by setting up our favorite items in a one-shop stop. No thinking is required! Just pick anything in the shop and I GUARANTEE the baker in your life will be thrilled!

All of these items can be found in the shop, as well.

Great gift ideas for the baker that can be delivered quickly! #giftguide #baker #giftideas

That special cookbook

That cookbook she wants but can't rationalize --cookbooks are expensive y'all!

Our favorite...

Yeah, it's a problem. We LOVE cookbooks. We could read them in the same way you might read a fiction book. So good. For real, here are some of my personal faves...

Glass Canisters

vertical shelves make a great pantry

I use these glass jars to store all of my dry baking ingredients and I LOVE them! They are great for storage AND look pretty, too.

Marble Rolling Pin

If you've watched any of my FB Lives involving pie making then you know that a marble rolling pin is on my wish list. I'm loving this one from Wayfair!

Great tools

Many of these are heat resistant, non-stick, BPA-free tools! Every baker needs a set of really good tools. These are pretty enough to sit out on the counter, too!

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are an absolute must but why not use pretty ones? These enamelware measuring cups are practical as well as pretty!

Stand Mixer

Okay, this is a pretty big item on the list. BUT maybe the baker you are shopping for is a special someone? If they don't yet have a stand is an absolute want on their list. Guaranteed!

In my opinion, the classic KitchenAid stand mixer is the gold standard. I love mine and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mini Baking Dishes

There is nothing quite like a mini dessert. And guaranteed the baker in your life would LOVE these adorable mini dishes.

Mixing Bowl Set

Every baker wants that gorgeous set of mixing bowls that stacks neatly, is dishwasher safe, and just looks dang pretty. This set from Noric Ware is all of those things!

Divided Pie Plate

This fun pie plate means you never have to make only a single kind of pie, again! Go ahead and make halfsies!

Cookie Cutters

There are a host of fun cookie cutters to be found! We love these Harry Potter cookie cutters but frankly, Williams Sonoma has a never ending number of cookie cutters and stamps we would gladly add to our stash!

Perfect Cookie Baking Mat

Most bakers either have or are wanting to try their hand at making macarons. This baking mat is useful as a traditional mat AND helpful in making those perfectly shaped cookies!

I KNOW I'm missing a ton of items that I just haven't thought of yet. Help a girl out and leave a comment with YOUR Christmas wish item.

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