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Make these darling ornaments from peg people, pipe cleaners, and paint. An easy Christmas ornament idea!

how to make a peg angel ornament

“This post is brought to you by Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions are my own.” Find our full disclosure here. Lovelies, can you believe it's already the middle of November? Yikes!! where the heck did fall go? Although, there isn't any complaining coming from me about this

A personalized peg family is super easy and a fantastic gift idea!

personalized family art-peg family

I am terribly excited about this little project. In truth, I created this as a personalized gift of family peg art for a Christmas gift but so fell in love with the idea that I ended up making it for my own home. This one is mine.

easy DIY cupcake stand

There are many wonderful tutorials for creating your own cake stands. But, this domed version is a special twist. Of course, the mini size of this stand (don't worry, you can do a full version!) adds to the adorableness.

easy clay heart bookmarks. These are made with air-dry clay found at your local store. They are easy to make and great to personalize for Valentine's day with your child's thumbprint! Great idea for gifts.

how to make Heart Clay Bookmarks

This heart clay bookmark is just charming, charming, charming! I love how easy it was to make and how sweet it looks! I used easy to make air-dry clay for this clay bookmark, a ribbon, and craft paint. None of these supplies are hard to find or

4 forest animal Sharpie ornaments. Easy to make with easy tutorial (including video!) at nelliebellie.com

how to make Sharpie ornaments

We got a request by Sharpie to create 4 Christmas ornaments featuring their metallic Sharpies that they could use for advertising on Amazon. Our response...heck yes! Yes, we do make money from talking about and using certain products. We still like them. Find our full disclosure here.

Full and easy tutorial for a pipe paper towel and cleaner holder by nelliebellie.com This is so easy to make and how great would that be to keep stuff organized!

DIY Paper Towel holder (industrial pipe)

  I am forever looking for the paper towel roll and cleaner bottle around the kitchen. They both get set down after being used, wherever that happens to be, often not together. You'll find the paper towels stashed in the storage container drawer and the cleaner stashed

This tutorial for clay beads from NellieBellie is perfect for helping beginners understand how incredibly simple these are to make, especially because it doesn't get into any complicated designs or etchings. The clay used can be found pretty much anywhere, and a simple ribbon also makes this easy for anyone to try!

How to make clay beads

Homemade beads are so much easier than you might think! Use a homemade clay recipe or simply purchase ready made clay! A little ball forming, poking holes, and drying and you will have homemade clay beads to make into your favorite necklace! Really, they ARE easy. And

Make a DIY game board from a tablecloth.

Picnic Blanket Game Board

This is an easy tutorial to turn an extra sheet or clearance tablecloth into a game board tablecloth that is great for picnics! Makes a great gift idea!

How to make a monogram ornament.

These quick and easy glitter monogram ornaments are just a simple, lovely addition to a gift or tree! I made a batch of these to use for wrapping presents this Christmas. Nothing says "I think you are great" like glitter, gold, and cardboard...don't you think!

Lego mini-figure display from nelliebellie.com

an easy Lego Mini-figure display

In keeping with moving and travel going on in the life of NellieBellie (that's me!) I am very excited to create a great way for my 10 year old son to commemorate our travels and adventures...LEGO!!!  Levi is a Lego fanatic. He loves them.  He can sit

This herb garden in a box is a great gift idea for those who love to garden but are either stuck inside for the winter or want a jump start in the spring. It also works as a great starter kit for those people who don't garden at all. It is a perfect gift idea!

How to make an herb garden in a box.

Wouldn’t this be such a sweet little box to give to someone? Or just keep for yourself. A diy indoor herb garden in a box. There is something about having fresh herbs right outside my kitchen door that makes me feel so happy. And this little box

This snow globe ornament is a simple craft/diy that will make a huge difference in your Christmas decorating. It is a fun ornament for a tree or just around the house!

How to make a snowglobe ornament

What a sweet and adorable gift idea!! Yes please! A quick and easy tutorial for making these snow globes...in ornament form!

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